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we like it

I think this could definitely be worth the upgrade! We had a Match and decided to upgrade when we saw this. The wife was tired of messing with the remote during sex, so we had really high hopes for this one. Its been pretty good. The remote seems a little too firm for her hand, so after 10 min or so, her arm is too tired to squeeze it anymore so we have to go back to using the remote like a remote again. I wish it was easier on her because it really was nice to not mess with the remote but on the bright side, it works as a regular remote really easily after her hand gets tired. and I think the vibrations are stronger too.

Shes loved the cell phone app though. before all this coronavirus stuff, I was on a business trip. We both downloaded the app and we talked dirty over the phone while I took control of the vibrator inside of her. It was HOT! Were looking at more online toys now because going away on business never seemed to make my wife that horny!

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