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Just Does Its Thing

When I bought this for my partner, I thought it would be something we'd use rarely - if at all. I'm surprised (honestly) to report that we use it almost every time we're intimate. While we were disappointed that it takes the WARM a bit to heat up, we've found a way that it's basically perfect for us. Anytime we lay on the bed with the (eventual) intent to enjoy each other's bodies, we just hit the power button on the WARM. We keep our favorite toys (and a bottle of lube in there).

So, while we're enjoying foreplay and making out and all of the "pre-sex" parts, the WARM is just quietly doing its thing over there. When it's time that we'd want to pull out the condoms and lube and toys anyway, they're all perfectly warmed.

I thought warmed toys and lube would be more of a joke than anything, but it's kinda amazing. Drizzling warmed lube onto your parts feels like an erotic sensation all to itself, AND I don't have to listen to my partner complain about the cold lube anymore.

I still wish it heated up faster than it does, but once we started using it as a pre-filled, "set it and forget it" kinda thing, it's really become a perfect addition to our sex life.

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