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The world's first toy that helps you use the ultra-sensitive flesh of the testicles for penetrative ball sex now has vibrations!

  • Vibrating "Dildo" that wraps around the testicles to make it easier to insert the balls into a partner's orifice
  • 10 vibration modes focused in the tip pleasure the wearer and the receiving partner
  • Tapered tip makes for comfortable, controllable penetration
  • Open side panels ensure testicles receive all of the sensation
  • Longer length offers more play space for full-figured couples and deep penetration
  • Additional, optional rings can be added to fit the perfect fit and get the testicles feeling as taut as desired
  • Free USA shipping

Did you know that the balls have a similar number of nerve endings as the vulva? Even though they're a pleasure-packed powerhouse, they're often left out of the pleasure equation - until now!

The Viballdo changes that by making the balls the "star" of intercourse!

Simply slide your balls into the Viballdo to turn your testicles in an insertable "dildo" that can be slid inside of your partner. Since the sides of the Viballdo are exposed, ballsex offers orgasmic sensations for the wearer (leading that elusive ballgasm!) while the receiver gets to enjoy full, deep penetration.

Oh, and did we mention it has vibrations? The Viballdo includes 3 steady vibration modes and 7 vibration accessible at the push of a button. The vibration motor is located in the tip of the Viballdo, best placed to hit the receiver's innermost spots while the vibrations transfer all along the wearer's testicles and base of the shaft.

Best of all, the Viballdo uses the testicles for intercourse, entirely circumventing the penis. This means it can be used regardless of erection strength for on-demand penetration. (It also can be used for double penetration if you're adventurous!)

(Note: For best use of the Viballdo - and to prevent constant tugging of pubic hair, the Viballdo's instructions calls for hairless or trimmed-hair balls. Shaving, waxing, or other hair removal methods may make the Viballdo a much-more-pleasant experience.)

(Prefer a version that doesn't vibrate? You're in luck! Check out the regular Balldo.)

Do I Need an Erection for the Viballdo?

We think that's one of the coolest things about the Viballdo. Since it uses the testicles, it can be used for penetration (and orgasm!) regardless of whether the penis is flaccid or hard.

No erection required! Enjoy the Viballdo for after-ejaculation play, flaccid days, or double penetration. It can work for it all!

Erection or flaccidity, however, can change how taut (or loose!) your scrotum is. You may find that you need more (or less!) of the Viballdo's Spacer rings depending on whether you're flaccid or erect.

How to Use the Viballdo?

Okay, we get it. Turning your balls into a dildo is probably not something you expected to try this year.

Luckily for us all, the Viballdo is surprisingly easy to use! Just:

  • Lube your balls and the inside of the Viballdo.
  • Clean your hands of the lube (it'll make the next part easier!)
  • Use both hands to stretch the Viballdo over your balls. You can do one ball at a time or feed them both through at once if you're feeling adventurous. (This is very similar to cock rings - which you may already be familiar with!)
  • Repeat the process with the spacer rings, as desired, to get a perfect fit. (Add one or both until the testicles are snugly fit inside of the Viballdo!)

BAM! Your balls are now a dildo! (Told you it was easy!)

The manufacturers of Viballdo also recommend completely shaving or trimming your ball hair to less than 1/4" ahead of time, but it isn't required. This can help prevent pubic hair snags (we promise, you'll want to avoid those)! If that hair suggestion isn't for you, we recommend adding extra lube on your pubic hair area to help the hair slide instead of tugging. 

What are these Viballdo Rings For?

You've probably see the photos of the Viballdo, and in most shots, it includes two "rings" that seem to be separate from the Viballdo itself.

These are the Spacer rings!

Essentially, these rings provide additional support and length to push your testicles further into the cage of the Viballdo itself.

You can see how it all comes together on the original Balldo:

The Balldo in Steel Grey is shown being used on the testicles of a clear dildo. The image shows how the Balldo works - which is by wrapping around the testicles while simultaneously leaving space for the testicles to receive pleasure during penetration. | Kinkly Shop

After you slide the Viballdo onto the testicles, see if the Viballdo fits like you'd like it to.

If the skin of your balls isn't protruding along the open edges of the cage, add one (or both!) Spacer rings above it (closer to the shaft of the penis than the Viballdo is). This helps push your balls further into the Viballdo cage, pushing them into the open "windows" of the Viballdo to ensure your sensitive skin rubs against any orifice you slide them into.

Some people find they don't use any Spacer rings, and some people love to use both Spacer rings for more snugness (and even more insertable length). It's up to you!

Think you'd like even more Spacer rings for the right fit? While we find that two rings work for most people, reach out to us to special order additional Spacer rings if needed! 

How is the ViBalldo Different than the Balldo?

The Balldo has been an award-winner and best-seller since it launched in 2022. The Viballdo took all of the feedback they received from their non-vibrating version to really optimize the Viballdo.

  • Vibration. The original Balldo does not have any vibration. The Viballdo adds a vibrating motor at the tip with 10 modes of vibration to explore.
  • Stretchier Silicone. The new silicone formulation on the Viballdo is stretchier than Balldo's silicone, making it easier to get on and get off.
  • Shorter Cage, Longer Tip. Based on user feedback, the Viballdo shrinks the cage for the balls - and lengthens the insertable tip. This helps the balls sit more naturally in the cage while offering deeper penetration for the receiver.
  • Softer Silicone. The new silicone formulation is a plushier and squishier than the original Balldo. This makes the Viballdo a bit more approachable for receiving partners (though we still recommend paying attention to the 2" diameter!)

What Viballdo Sex Position Do You Recommend?

Patience is the name of the game for your first Viballdo experiences, so we recommend sex positions that allow for comfortable penetration and ample patience. The wearer will likely need a bit of time to learn how to slide in the Viballdo, and the receiving partner will likely love slow penetration that lets them gradually get used to the Viballdo's size.

Most doggy style positions will fit this bill perfectly!

Tuck Knee Sex Position. The receiver lays on their back with their thighs and legs pulled back to their chest. This causes their hips to rise off the ground. The penetrating partner then leans in and partially lays on top to penetrate.
In particular, the manufacturers of the Viballdo recommend the Tuck Knee position. This places the receiver's butt/vagina within easy reach while simultaneously allowing the Viballdo to come down at a nice, easy 45-degree angle.


Equipped Features: Ballsex in an instant, 10 vibration programs, Multiple length options (with spacer rings), Erection not required, Stretchy silicone, Tapered tip, USB rechargeable, Waterproof.
Material: Stretchy silicone
Care and Cleaning: After use, remove the Viballdo and wash it, thoroughly, with warm water and mild soap - both inside and out. The Viballdo is not meant to be flipped inside out, but its large, open areas allow cleaning of the interior with ease. When using lube, ensure you only use water-based lube as silicone-based lube will harm the material of the Viballdo.

Insertable Length (for receiver): 5"
Insertable Diameter (for receiver): 2"
(The Viballdo is noticeably thicker than an average biological penis. Please check with your receiving partner.)

Box Includes: Viballdo, 2 Base Stretcher Rings, Charging Cable, QR code that can be scanned for video help on using the Viballdo.

May be misspelled as: Vibrating baldo, Vibrating balldoe, Vi balldo.

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