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VeDO Grip

VeDO Grip


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Orgasms in the palm of your hand! This handheld, dual-ended stroker provides a secret that other palm strokers don't: it's equipped with 10 vibration modes! That's right, this textured stroker is a rechargeable, vibrating penis stroker.

Made with a super soft silicone sleeve that features an intensely textured interior, the VeDO Grip keeps things fresh with two separate entrance holes. Penetrate from the opposing side to experience new ribbed textures and nubs at a moment's notice. Better yet, perfect for couples, the dual-ended design allows each partner to slip the tip of their penis into the stroker - and meet in the middle for some ultra-orgasmic play.

While the intensely textured channel pleasures your shaft, you can effortlessly experiment with the 10 vibration modes. The single control button on the outer sleeve brings the vibrations to life - and those thrumming sensations can be felt throughout the entire stroker!

When you're done (and it'll be a fast one if you aren't careful!), the VeDO Grip is fully rechargeable to get it ready for your next adventure. The stroker is also fully waterproof for easier cleaning - and a whole new way to get off in the shower.

(Fun fact! You'll have a hard time losing the VeDO Grip in the dark. That's because it glows in the dark!)

Let's Get Wet!

Fully waterproof, the VeDO Grip can easily become your shower and bath companion. With no reason to worry about getting it wet, you can stroke to your heart's content!

When you're done, just hold the VeDO Grip underneath the shower spray or bath water in order to clean it. With its double-ended design, you can easily slip your fingers inside of both ends in order to do a simple, full clean of the interior of the stroker.


Equipped Features: Non-realistic entrances, Dual ended, 10 Vibration Modes, One Button Control, Compact Size, Travel Lock, USB Rechargeable, Waterproof, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
Material: Silicone outer sleeve with extra-soft internal silicone sleeve
Care and Cleaning: Waterproof, the VeDO Grip should be washed out with warm water and mild soap after use. Since the sleeve features entrances on both ends, it's easier to clean out than most strokers. Ensure your lube is water-based lube when slickening the VeDO Grip. Other varieties of lube could harm the silicone material.

Length: 3.6" / 9.2cm
Inner Diameter: Stretchy 1.2" / 3cm

Charge: 90 minutes to a full charge
Run Time: 60 minutes off a full charge

Visual Description: The VeDO Grip is about the size of a short drinking glass - except it's entirely filled in and made from silicone with a textured channel running through the middle of its length. The VeDO Grip features an entrance hole on both sides of the toy - though the toy is offset towards one of the sides of the sleeve in order to make space for the vibrator inside of the VeDO Grip. The internal stroker's texturing is made from a super-soft silicone while a firmer layer of black silicone encases the entire white portion for easier gripping during use. A single Power button is etched into the silicone surface of the outermost silicone layer.

Box includes: VeDO Grip, Charging cable for VeDO Grip.

Customer Reviews

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Impressed at Versatility

I have a lot of toys . I bought this as an after thought and my girl fell in love with the ease of use and soft small grip I stick out the top so she can easily yse tge toy and still have the best of me to enjoy and we both have fun. The only negative is the battery life is not great but it is good and rechargeable I would recommend it for couples as well as men. Buying it here gives you the kinky customer service which is unrivaled in their great pleasure in helping you with all questions. Top notch!

John S.
Does the job with a nice twist

Literally a basic silicone open-ended pocket pussy with a quality vibrator wrapped in a rubber sleeve that holds everything together. I guess what you pay for is the combination of all those things put together but what makes it for me is soaking it in hot water, slick it with surgical lube, and combining it with sounding. Being able to mix toys during play adds a truly unique experience. The texture inside, maybe I don't have a sensitive enough dick, I hardly feel it but the orgasm sneaks up on me coming out of nowhere. Idk, I switch between the VeDO Grip and the Colour regularly. If anything I said resonates with you you'll probably like it too.

Far better than I expected

It is definitely one of those toys that gets better as you use it. Once you get the right rhythm going you might find it hard to us anything else. Normally I want to cum back to back to back but this thing really satisfies me in ways I never expected a toy to. the charge time isn't too long and the feeling of the silicone is incredibly high quality. If you dont often feel satisfied or don't want to put a lot of energy into your masterbation this is the toy for you!

James H.
ALL SMILES. Definitely different but in an awesome way.

Wife and I used it together the first time and are both very pleased. I think she got as much enjoyment out of it as I did (almost). I haves used it several times since and it seems to get better and better. HINT:Get you some oil with CBD in it.

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