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Vampire Gloves are Magical

The vampire gloves have been super exciting! Used appropriately, they transition from sensual to ticklish to daring and back. Even massaging the head through the hair is fun. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

I like them

We are glad we got these but we wish the spikes were a tiny bit sturdier, all around great toy to have in the drawer though

Great product

Exactly what I expected. My sub loves them.

Mistress K.
My Favorite Vampire Gloves

These have been my favorite vampire gloves - and I've literally had them for years and tried out other brands, too. I just keep coming back to these. They're durably made, the leather look makes them look pretty sexy, and the "spikes" stay in the gloves really well; none have fallen out.

That being said, the other reviewer is definitely right on one thing: the amount of blood can really vary based on what you're doing. If you're lightly dragging these along your partner's skin, you'll just make scratch marks - and some pretty awesome moans from your partner. If you really dig in (or apparently, spank them), you can definitely draw blood if that's what you're into.

For most non-impact purposes, though, like squeezing or running along the body, you're unlikely to draw blood unless you're really trying.

(Tip for ya'll: Definitely store them together, spikes facing into each of the other gloves. I have totally let them ruin panties - and scratched myself when I forgot I left them in a drawer they were in - if I don't store them that way.)


Wow! These have wowed my partner since we got them. I think it's really hot to slip them onto my hands and have the black leather gloves look, but these come with an added "spike" to them too. All of the fingers are covered in spikes which are wow! These spikes sorta feel like small nails when you poke them. I love running them over his back. If I use a bit of pressure, it doesn't leave any marks, but if I apply a bit of pressure, it leaves scratches all over. We tried it with a spanking once. We did NOT expect that much blood - but he kinda liked it. These have been wow!

Just make sure to measure your hand! I don't normally wear a size XL glove, but I had to get an XL in these for a good fit.

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