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Kinklab T-Cup Nipple Suction Set

Kinklab T-Cup Nipple Suction Set

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Use suction to your advantage! The T-Cup Nipple Suction Set includes two small nipple-sized suction chambers designed especially for use on the nipples. Firmly place the T-Cup Nipple Suction cup against the body and slowly spin the large, easy-to-handle dial found on the top of the chamber. As the dial pulls away from the skin, it gradually suctions itself to the skin. Spin the dial further out for a more-intense sensation or leave the dial closer to the body for a gentler suction. It's up to you!

While the T-Cup Nipple Suction Set was designed for use on the nipple, it can be used anywhere on the body. Get to exploring!

(Protip! Using a suction toy like this requires a good adherence to the skin at the base. Depending on your skin type, this may require using two hands until a sufficient suction level is achieved to get one-handed or hands-free use.)


Features: Incremental suction, Waterproof, Set of 2, Easy-to-Use, See-Through Suction Chamber.
Materials: ABS Plastic, Rubber, Steel.
Care: T-Cups Nipple Suckers can be gently washed with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Allow to fully dry after each clean.

Length of T-Cup Sucker: 5.5"
Cylinder Diameter: 1.75"

Box includes: Kinklab T-Cup Nipple Suction Set (Includes Two T-Cups Nipple Suction Suckers).

Customer Reviews

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Underwhelming but cute

They're alright, but not exactly what I expected. They're much bigger than I thought, but they still don't cover my nipples all the way and they really stick out at awkward angles. They easily stuck onto my nipples but needed a little help sticking onto my butt. Haven't tried them on my inner thighs yet lol but I'm hoping that will have a little more of an effect. Once they were twisted out as far as they could go I felt it, but not really pain or tingling just more of a sense of relief once they're released.

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