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Stealth Shaft Support

Stealth Shaft Support

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Supported erections for better sex. The Stealth Shaft Support wraps around the top of the shaft to support your length - regardless of penis hardness. With the shaft tucked nicely into the Stealth Shaft Support, this penis extender aids in penetration and stroking - even with a flaccid or semi-hard shaft. With explosive coverage all over the sex industry - and a nomination for the 2021 XBiz Awards, the Stealth Shaft Support helps provide additional confidence - and reassurance - in the bedroom with a design that's simple, secure, and comfortable.

Did you know that most penis-owners can still find a lot of pleasure - and possibly orgasm! - even without an erection? This makes the Stealth Shaft Support even more functional. Not only does it help facilitate penetration - regardless of shaft hardness - but it helps provide the penis owner with pleasure during intercourse for an intimate activity that leaves both partners with pleasant physical sensations - in addition to the mental ones!

Made from a stretchy TPE material, the Stealth Shaft Support is crafted to get in place - and stay there. Its reusable, stretchy design ensures the Stealth Shaft Support can be used at a moment's notice - like on days where you desire levels different sexual activities and your body may not be cooperating that day.

IMPORTANT NOTE! The Stealth Shaft Support is designed to work with penises of all levels of hardness. However, regardless of stiffness, for the correct fit, the penis needs to be at least 5 inches in length in order to use the smallest size. This may not be workable for some penis owners - especially if you're a "grower, not a shower". Many flaccid penises are under 5" in length while flaccid. Measure your shaft at the level of hardness you'd expect to use it at; a semi-erect penis may meet the 5" requirement while a fully flaccid one may not.

How to Use the Stealth Shaft Support

Okay, okay! This is a really unique product - and we understand that it might not be obvious how to use it at first glance.

Surprisingly, though, the Stealth Shaft Support is easy to use. It was designed to be a seamless addition for any type of sex you have in mind!


  • Insert the penis through both holes on the Stealth Shaft Support.
  • Gently push each testicle through the base hole, one by one. This helps keep the Stealth Shaft Support in place and adds additional, pleasurable sensations.
  • Do any last minute adjustments to get the Stealth Shaft Support into the most comfortable place where it best supports the shaft.
  • ...and then unwrap a condom on top of the whole thing if you'll be using that type of safer sex protection this time around!

But bam! That's it! Just two simple steps that can be slipped on within 30 seconds (once you're used to the Stealth Shaft Support toy!)

If you're finding things a bit too tacky to easily get the shaft and balls where you want them, consider a little bit (really! Just a little!) of water-based lubricant on the shaft before you apply the Stealth Shaft Support. This can help prevent any sticking or gripping and ensure you can get the Stealth Shaft Support on comfortably.


Equipped Features: Aids in Hardness, Easy to Use, Non-Slip, Compatible with Condoms,
Material: Non-toxic, hypoallergenic TPE
Care and Cleaning: The Stealth Shaft Support can be washed with warm water and mild soap.

The Stealth Shaft Support IS safe for use with condoms! The manufacturer recommends putting on the Stealth Shaft Support first - then wrapping your condom around the shaft and the Shaft Support once it's on.

Size A: Designed for Shafts 5" to 7" in length
Size B: Designed for Shafts 7" to 9" in length - and adds a bit of room for girthier shafts

Box Includes: Stealth Shaft Support in your choice of size and color

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