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Fawn B.

Straps are strong, cuffs are soft and don't come open easily (trust me--I tried! And when it was his turn, he couldn't get them off without help either. ) HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

works perfect

if done right...the person cannot get out of this yet its very confortable as well

I was leary - but...Hottest Encounter Ever

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

Several months ago my wife told me she wanted to experiment with some light bondage play. I was not comfortable with the idea since being restrained in any way is basically a phobia of mine. But I want to please my wife and take care of her needs so I started doing some work inside my own head to get past my issue.

Once I had gotten myself past my own discomfort I had to figure out where to start.

How do I get our feet wet in this area when I've never even considered it before?

Then about two weeks ago I discovered the Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraints and it seemed perfect. I purchased it and surprised my wife and we had one of the hottest and most intense encounters in the history of our relationship. We added another layer to our already great relationship and we've both had huge smiles on our faces ever since.

Thank you so much for your help!

5 Stars

Ignore the cheesy packaging! This is a relatively inexpensive and well-made bondage kit that is perfect for BDSM beginners. Imagine being immobilized on a bed, stretched out, open to the world, while your partner does wonderful and/or unspeakable but consensual things to you… Tickling. Caressing. Fondling. Stimulating.

The straps slide under the mattress & the weight and friction from the mattress combined with the tension in the tethers keep the tethers from moving a significant amount. The cuffs fasten via Velcro but are padded and very comfortable. I was dubious when I bought it (largely because of the packaging), but it works really well.

My partner and I have used it on each other many times; it holds quite firmly even if you squirm really, really hard. The cuffs are high quality, and the nylon tethers are easy to tighten to the point of immobility. I achieved my most memorable and pleasurable orgasm while strapped to a bed with this restraint system; I literally could not stop laughing/giggling/trembling for several minutes, even after my partner stopped the stimulation.

I have a king-size bed, and the kit even fits this. In addition, it’s easy to tuck the straps out of sight under the mattress when not in use. No bolts or hardware are needed.

With large beds, the straps can be arranged either up-down on the bed (like standing on your tippy toes, reaching for the stars) or across the bed (think spread-eagled).

Definitely recommended! 5/5 stars

Tying someone up or being tied up.

Tying someone up or being tied up. It’s a pretty standard fantasy for a lot of people, and why not? It’s a sexy feeling to lose control and be teased, or to be the one doing the teasing. If the rope and chain aisle at Home Depot is a bit too intimidating for you and you want an easy, less scary way to play with your power switching, check out this Under The Bed Restraint System.

The great thing about this kit is that it’s multi functional. If you just want to restrain your legs, you can do that. Just the arms for a little torturous fun? You can do that too. Or if you want to go all out, tie ‘em all up and get ready to torture your partner with delight.

*cough* … You ARE going to torture them with delight, yes?? Restraint is a wonderful art that anyone can try. You don’t have to be a dominant master to experiment with it. Just having a little interest in the wonderful art of tease, playing with your partner with touch and denial, can bring a lot of sexy connection to your naked times.

If ropes aren’t your thing, no worries as the straps of this system don’t require any nautical knot tying knowledge. And don’t worry about being confined to the bed. We tried it out on our dining room table and it was just as much fun! For all our future dinner guests … we use Pledge. The table’s clean, I promise.

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