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Big, but Totally Worth

I love the Sportsheets thing. It pretty much made bed bondage effortless and super customizable. No longer did we have to worry about straps or clips or anything else. As long as the Sportsheet was on the bed, I just placed the bondage pads wherever I wanted them - and that's it. My partner could instantly be bound that way.

We used to keep a "boring, normal" sheet on top of the Sportsheet, but when we wanted to play, we'd just strip off the boring sheet - and that's all the prepwork required.

Unlike Under The Bed Restraint Kits which will require prepwork and really can only hold your partner in one angle (spread eagle), the Sportsheets can allow you to hold your partner however you want. Just peel off the panels, refasten them, and your partner is bound anywhere you want. You can easily do it during sex when a limb is in an in-the-way-place, or you can just do it to make them more comfortable or make them feel more at your mercy.

The sheet itself is super soft. It feels like a the softer-side of a velcro fastener material. Almost like a velvet - but less fluffy. I'd honestly probably keep these as regular sheets if it was an option.

I lost mine in a break-up, but I keep stalking this product page thinking about buying another one every time I'm here.

Sad I could only give it 5 stars!

I bought the King but wanted to put this review on for all those interested in the Queen size.

To be honest, my wife and I were a bit leery at first because this is not something that we would normally do. After purchasing the King and easing into it, we can't imagine not having it. We take it on trips, vacations and anywhere else that will have a bed.

This is a ridiculously good product and was very easy to set up. We didn't need the DVD but were very happy it was there just in case.

My wife and I are now willing to try out other products thanks to the Sportsheet. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can see why your tag line is Keeping Couples Connected - its so true.

Sad I could only give it 5 stars!


this product is amazing. i have used it for 20+ years!

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