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Absolute Bedroom-Changer

SO impressed! It's pretty obvious why the "Sportsheet" is what catapulted the brand "Sportsheets" into popularity. This product is such a simple home run that it's amazing that no one else really thought about it.

It pretty much made bed bondage effortless and super customizable. No longer did we have to worry about straps or clips or anything else. As long as the Sportsheet was on the bed, I just placed the bondage pads wherever I wanted them - and that's it. My partner could instantly be bound that way.

We used to keep a "boring, normal" sheet on top of the Sportsheet, but when we wanted to play, we'd just strip off the boring sheet - and that's all the prepwork required.

As someone who owns a ton of bondage equipment, I'm really impressed by how simple - and amazing - the Sportsheet is. I own hundreds of dollars of bondage equipment, but this simple mattress toy makes bondage so fun and easy that we don't think twice about pulling it out. All I have to do is fasten his wrist or ankle onto a cuff on a bondage pad. I just press it down onto the Sportsheet - and then the pad stays put!

I was skeptical about the pad staying put, but man, you are NOT moving that thing. It takes both of my hands and a good chunk of my strength (as the unbound person) to pull up the bondage pad. No matter how hard my partner struggles (to the point that we were bending the mattress up!) without the torque applying distinct pressure to a corner of the bondage pad, it doesn't peel up. It's some powerful stuff!

I highly recommend fastening the straps that fasten the Sportsheet under the mattress. This gets a really snug fit for the bondage sheet, and it keeps it from pulling up while you're playing with it. As long as you have everything fastened up, the sheet really, really stays in place. I made the mistake of lazily not fastening the snaps, and we pulled off the bondage sheet a few times during our first uses. Now that it's snapped together, the sheet stays firm and the bondage is absolute.

It's seriously a sex gamechanger. It turns your bed into a bondage playground that's so simple to use that anyone can do it. No chains, locks, bondage experience, or hardcore bondage required.

Love this thing

We had such a fun time using the Sportsheet! The velcro pad really, really stick!

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