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Sexy and Innovative

Only Sportsheets could come up with something that could make a routine position fresh and exciting again. This was one of those products that all of us had to have in our collection.

It's so well made and easy to use, we recommend the G-Spot Link to EVERYONE. Try it - we know you'll love it, too.

The G-Spot Link in couples’ play: Yeah, I can dig that.

So here’s my inspired and expert opinion on The G-Spot Link in couples’ play: Yeah, I can dig that.

Having one’s legs overhead during penetration feels awesome. It’s especially nice when your ankles are close together, and because the G-Spot Link is adjustable, couples can play with any degree of separation. Crossed ankles tossed over a partner’s shoulder is a strapless expression of what the G-Spot Link aims to achieve, but sometimes life is just easier with a toy.

I’m also convinced that The G-Spot Link has plenty more potential for fun. Its instruction manual depicts the “Windshield Wiper” which I was disappointed to discover is not a disco move. I envision plenty of potential with the woman on her stomach and even the strap hooked behind an especially limber partner’s head.

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