Sportsheets Silicone Bunny Butt Plug

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Bunny tails of pleasure

I love love love this product, very nice. Slim enough for a novice and both super comfortable and soft. 10/10 recommended for anyone wishing to ease into this exciting erotica

Quite cheeky

The silicone feels really high-quality, and is super smooth. The fur of the tail is a beautiful purple, and is super soft. It’s not super long, which is nice--a lot of the ‘poof’ of the tail comes from whatever round, slightly squishy ball is in the center of the fur. Easy to clean, and quite cheeky! ;)


It was pretty comfy. It went in very easily. But I think that may be because I use a bigger plug then what is on the bunny tail. I think it is perfect if you just wanna be cute and if someone isn't use to putting things in their butt. Which I guess wearing it just to be cute is the whole point lol. I personally want the same cure puffy tail on a bigger plug tho.

Loved it!

I loved it! It went in so easily and I'm usually someone who needs a desensitizer no matter what size or shape but with this one I did not and it also stayed in on its own. A lot of butt plus tend to reject with me but this one stayed in plus the tail was cute as well.

Petite Plug!

I enjoy anal play but don't engage frequently or with anything large. I think tails are great and I've always been attracted to them, but I've never seen one on a plug so petite! Extra cute, feminine and non-intimidating. In size and appearance, this toy definitely tames tails down a notch and make them more accessible to more hesitant kinksters.

It was cute, comfortable, and stayed in easily! I think it's a great beginner's plug. It was a bit difficult to clean.

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