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Sportsheets Satin Blindfold

Sportsheets Satin Blindfold

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Color: Black
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Add this basic blindfold to your order today! This double-layered satin blindfold blocks out light for a better focus on the pleasure at hand. Thin, dual-elastic straps keep the blindfold snugly against the face while the multiple color options let you choose the Sportsheets Satin Blindfold that most appeals to you. (Basic black isn't for everyone!)

No matter what pleasure you're exploring, a blindfold can be an amazing addition. Restricting the sense of sight makes every other sensation feel even more intense. Even if you're playing solo, we recommend giving it a try! It will become one of the most versatile toys you've ever picked up.

(Protip! Having trouble sleeping in a bright bedroom or need to nap on a car trip or flight? This innocent-looking blindfold doubles as a great sleeping aid!)


Features: Easy-use, Dual-Elastic Straps, Comfortable Fit.
Materials: Black Elastic, Polyester Fabric, Polyester Binding, Polyester Batten.
Care: Gently handwash this blindfold with a dab of laundry detergent. Do not machine wash or dry this blindfold.

Box includes: Sportsheets Satin Blindfold.

Customer Reviews

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The customer service and people at Kinkly are lovely and very kind! I had such a good experience purchasing from them, they were very understanding and nice! The blindfold is nice, it feels good and there’s a nice soft side to go over the eyes. There’s a bit of a gap over the nose so you can kind of see out a tiny bit, but that can be easily fixed by closing your own eyes! Would get again!

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