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Finally! Plus size girls rule

It was only yesterday that I was lamenting the restricting elements of being a plus-sized woman in a world that, for the most part, seems to want to ignore the existence of larger individuals. Clothes shopping can often make a plus-sized person feel like they’re not meant to have nice things, and yesterday I basically had to make a U-turn upon entering a lingerie shop that was clearly, from first glance, not for me.
Thankfully some companies in the world of adult products are much more welcoming, and Sportsheets is one such company—with a whole range dedicated plus-sized women.
The range is admittedly small at the moment but it includes some lovely harnesses as well as the object of review for today—the Sportsheets Plus Size Doggie Strap. And, I have to say, this strap makes me incredibly happy that the adult product world gets me a lot more than the ‘normal’ world does.

Overall I adore the Sportsheets Plus Size Doggie Strap. It’s a product that has sincerely added something to our sex life—providing deeper, closer, and more intense penetration while doing doggie style. The dimensions of the Plus Size Doggie Strap seemed to fit my larger frame perfectly and made for a comfortable experience.

If you’re a larger individual looking to get deep down and ‘ruff during a doggie style session then I can’t recommend this product enough.

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