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Sportsheets Nipple Suckers

Sportsheets Nipple Suckers

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Go beyond nipple clamps by utilizing the power of suction! Designed to be applied in seconds, the Sportsheets Nipple Suckers offer all of the fun of nipple clamps - without the clamp! Utilize the power of suction to increase sensitivity and add even more sensations during your play.

Just place them over top of the nipples firmly to create a firm seal and squeeze the bulbs. Play to your heart's content (we recommend a max of 15 minutes if you're new to nipple suction!). When you're done, just gently lift a corner of the Nipple Suckers to break the seal, and the toys can be removed.

(Protip! Having a hard time getting a good seal for the suction? Lightly lubricating the mouth of the Nipple Suckers can help tremendously!)

How to Use Nipple Suckers?

Curious about the magic of nipple suckers? Don't worry; we got you! They're actually surprisingly easy to use!

How to use nipple suckers:

  1. Decide where you're putting the sucker.
  2. Squeeze the nipple sucker in-between your fingers, pushing all of the air out of the nipple sucker's bulb.
  3. Place the nipple sucker's opening where you want it, applying firm pressure while you continue to hold all of the air out of the sucker's bulb.
  4. Release your tight squeeze on the nipple sucker while maintaining that pressure against the skin. The nipple sucker will now attempt to pull in air again - only it will pull against the skin instead, adhering it into place!

Nipple suckers are simple, easy, and go in on seconds.

Help! How Do I Get my Nipple Suckers to Stay Better?

Nipple suckers need a good seal in order to stay. If you don't press the nipple suckers fully flat against the skin, air will find its way into the sucker, and it will slowly lose its adhesion over time.

To help prevent that, here are some of our nipple sucker tips:

  • Ensure you get a good seal at the start. This may require a few attempts before it feels really "stuck on there".
  • Use your other hand to squeeze the skin. In the case of a breast, this may mean gripping the side and underside of the breast, pushing the tissue upwards and forwards to try to make your desired area as "flat" as possible. This can make it easier to get a good, firm press of the sucker onto the skin.
  • Add lip balm to the rim of your nipple sucker. A light layer of lip balm around the rim of the nipple sucker can reduce microgaps where air can escape once the sucker is suctioned onto the skin.

Where to Place Nipple Suckers?

Nipple suckers can be used anywhere on the body. (hint hint, nudge nudge ;) )

However, they're going to stick best on places with a little bit of squish to them. For example, they can stick to the back of your hands, but you'll find that they'll stick better to your thighs or stomach.

The nipple suckers will "draw in" your skin and squishy bits once adhered, so they're more secure when there's more squishy bits to draw into the sucker.

Of course, this is part of what makes them such great options for nipple play too!

(If you're someone without a lot of squish around your nipples, we'd recommend the Oxballs Elong Nipple Suckers instead. They're specifically crafted to work best on less squishy areas!)


Features: Simple-use, Suction design, Wide mouth tip
Materials: Nickel-free metal, ABS Plastic, PVC
Care: Clamps can be gently washed with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Allow to fully dry after each clean.

Box includes: Sportsheets Nipple Suckers (1 Pair)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

The Nipple Suckers are somewhat challenging, but size of the bulb and sucker feels well made not cheap materials. It seems to work best on soft pliable flesh. Large nipples seem like good bet, but the surrounding tissues must be firm enough to grip the nipple, but soft enough to response to the black suction ball. I reported to the Team that it attacked itself extremely well to side of my facial cheek. Not exactly what I was trying to achieve, but it worked! I tried limp balm without much sucess. You really have to continue to experiment with fleshy tissues. Obtaining a strong suction is the challenge, but if you actual achieve this unlikely grip it does work!

They might look weird, but they work!

Not gonna lie, these look super silly. They have REALLY good suction, and leave your nipples feeling really sensitive. And (yeah, just like a turkey baster--I DID say they look a bit silly, but how else are you going to get suction?) the more air you squeeze from the bulbs prior to applying them, the more suction you’ll get, so you can ‘adjust’ to your desire.

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