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"Like all of Sportsheets products this item is attractively packaged in a box that has photos of the item that's inside. This set is for you BDSM players that are serious about holding your sub in one place.

The handcuffs are made from neoprene and some metal for the “D” rings and spring clips. The cuffs are easily adjustable and can fit a wide variety of different sizes of wrists. They are soft to the touch and will not chaff your skin they also will not leave “bite” marks in your skin.

The neck piece will fit a variety of different neck sizes (my neck is really big at 17.5 inches). There was still plenty of room to adjust the neck piece to a larger size. The weight of the piece that goes down your back is not noticeable.

The bottom piece of the neck restraint it is made of a tough nylon material, it is super sturdy - and we play around quite a bit with restraint toys. This restraint set is going to be compatible with other sets of handcuffs also. Biker hubby and I also used this restraint as a hogtie device and that made it even more fun for us.

This neck and wrist restraint is perfect for use with your partner for a night of kinky play. The cuffs will hold your partner and not allow them to move very easily.

This is a great starter piece of BDSM equipment for beginners -it will help you safely test your boundaries...

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