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Get it girl!

A great starter piece, is lightweight and the straps are thin enough to be fun but not too intense, if you want more, ummm, let's say bang for your buck you might consider one with a large handle and thicker/wider leather.

Recommend highly

This flogger has gotten the most use so far.

Whip or caress your partner with this faux leather flogger with wood accent. Beautifully designed with practical use in mind. Length is 30 inches (76.2 cm).

The flogger has a good weight and feel to it. The real wood handle provides a great counter weight and decent grip. We do recommend using the strap as to not have a “WiiMote” style accident when using the flogger with your partner. Although if you have larger hands and wrists, I recommend you not using the strap as it will be difficult to get on and off. I had that issue when I tried, damn this big hands of mine!

It would make a good beginner flogger. It has a pretty good sting/bite to it. You have to watch your reach with it though, at 30 inches (most of which are the straps) it’s easy to miss your mark and have it wrap and hit your partner’s sides rather than back.

We would recommend this as a starter flogger for anyone getting into the world of sex play and BDSM.

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