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Golden Dreams Kit
Golden Dreams Kit
Golden Dreams Kit
Golden Dreams Kit
Golden Dreams Kit

Golden Dreams Kit


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Beneath an ornate mask, a pair of alluring eyes gaze and penetrate your presence. Before you can say a word, suddenly golden handcuffs clasp around your wrists, binding you in a powerless pose as the predator circles its prey. You writhe as your pulse quickens...who is this seductive stranger? They caress your form with the dance of their feather tickler, honing deep onto the most sensitive and provocative areas. You are torn between apprehension and arousal, but you have no choice but to allow the visitor to take what they want. This kit contains everything you need for you and the unknown figure that resides within your lover to relive this Golden Dream night after night!

Golden Dreams Kit specifications:

    • Material: polyurethane, nickel free metal, steel, polyester, PVC foam, acrylic, chicken feather, nylon
    • Includes mask, cuffs, and feather tickler.

Prop 65

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