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Two-Person Set-Up Recommended

This set works really well for exactly what you'd think it would - it makes bondage really easy to do on a bed. The tangle of straps is really difficult to figure out at first, but once you know what's going on, it's semi-easy to get under the bed.

I'd definitely recommend getting your partner's help if that's an option. It goes so much more smoothly with two people. You need to be able to lift up the mattress, get the straps under the mattress, and get the mattress back on top of the straps. You can do most of the adjusting to the strap tension after the mattress is back on top of the straps, but having another person to help get the mattress on top really helped with getting this setup.

I liked that it didn't come with any cuffs. I already have too many cuffs sitting around my place - and I mostly just use my favorites. I appreciated the sturdier build quality compared to other under-the-bed restraint sets I've purchased that also had cuffs and other accessories included. The fact that this focused on just the bondage points themselves seems to have given them more money to focus on the build quality.

I really wish there was an easy diagram shown on Kinkly for putting it all together, but the packaging has a diagram of how the straps go on the back of the packaging which helped a ton. We even cut it out of the packaging and keep it with the set whenever we travel with it. It cuts down on set-up time drastically.

A big step up!

We all love the beginner bed restraint kit, but this Edge Extreme Under The Bed Restraints are a big step up when it comes to options. Instead of four connection points, this set includes six, allowing a wider range of positions.

The straps have D-Rings on the ends so you can attach an assortment of cuffs and accessories and REALLY get creative with things.

This kit is amazing, and we recommend it for anyone ready for extreme versatility.

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