Enchanted Flogger
Enchanted Flogger

Enchanted Flogger


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Softly seduce before you give a luscious lashing

Crimson velveteen tails cascade delicately onto your lovers tepid flesh, gradually bringing their senses to the surface. Lulled yet titialted, their breath bated and eyes obscured beneath a silken blindfold, you feel their nervous anticipation silently begging for more. A moment of silence ensues, followed by a satisfying swish as falls fly fiendishly onto flushed flesh. An irresistible moan of surprise escapes their lips and a full body twitch lets you know they're ready for another lash. The sturdy handle and wrist loop give you a dependable grip for intense encounters.

Enchanted Flogger specifications:

  • Material: acrylic, polypropylene, PVC
  • Measurements: 13” flogger witn 9” falls



    Prop 65