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Sportsheets Chained Nipple Clamps

Sportsheets Chained Nipple Clamps

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Experience kinky, new sensations with nipple clamps. The Sportsheets Chained Nipple Clamps are your standard nipple clamp experience - but their attention to detail makes your experience even better. Rubber tips on the end of each clamp offer a comfortable and more efficient "grip" while the individual thumb-screws allow for complete pressure adjustment on each clamp. The 13" chain is lightly weighted for added sensation - and also acts as a fantastic "tugging point" to enhance the clamp's grip at a moment's notice.

Nipples are a great start, but when you're feeling adventurous, don't forget that these clamps can adventure anywhere skin can be found!

Are These Nipple Clamps Beginner-Friendly?


The adjustable design of the Sportsheets Chained Nipple Clamps means that you can really customize your own experience.

Using the knob on each clamp, start off on the loosest setting. Attempt to fasten it to the nipple, and see if it stays. If it does, enjoy that intensity for awhile; you can always up the ante later on!

If it easily falls off, incrementally increase the tightness, repeating the experiment, until the nipple clamps stay on the nipples. At the loosest settings, tugging on the chain or brushing the clamps may make them fall off, but starting with these loosest settings can be the best way to explore the sensations for the first time.

Doing it this way allows you to find the loosest possible setting where the nipple clamps will stay on - which is a fantastic way to introduce yourself into the delicious intense sensations of nipple clamps!

The rubber-tip caps also help make these clamps beginner-friendly. The rubber provides a bit of extra drag on the skin to prevent the clamps from easily sliding off with reduced-tension settings.

Can These Nipple Clamps Be Used on All Nipple Sizes?

We recommend alligator-style nipple clamps (just like these!) for people who are concerned about getting a good fit with their nipple clamps. The adjustable knob on the side of each clamp allows you to customize how tightly - or loosely - these nipple clamps will fit. Partnered with their smaller tongs and rubber-gripped tips, the Sportsheets Chained Nipple Clamps can be one of the best fits for people who are concerned with their nipple clamps falling off.

If you have very large nipples or know that you'd like an ultra-light touch with your nipple clamps, you may prefer a tweezer style clamp (like the Ruby Black clamps) or nipple jewelry instead.

What Do I Do with the Chain?

The two nipple clamps of the Sportsheets Chained Nipple Clamps are chained together. (Surprise, right?)

This chain can be a lot of fun to play with! Not only does it make it less likely that you'll lose the nipple clamps in a sock drawer, but it also opens up different sensations. Lightly tug on the chain when the nipple clamps are attached to instantly increase the intensity. Hang light weights (like keychains) on the chain to instantly add sensation and drag on the clamps.

Plus, when you're not touching the nipple clamps, the chain will drape along the front of the chest for a beautiful, sensual touch!

If you're wearing these nipple clamps in public, we recommend using a bralette or bra to increase discretion and tuck the chain close to the body.


Materials: Nickel-free metal, Rubber
Care: Clamps can be gently washed with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Allow to fully dry after each clean.

Length: 13" chain
Weight: 1.1 oz.

Box includes: Chained nipple clamps

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nipple clamps

My wife loves pinching her nipples for it is a direct link to her clitorist.
Using the nipple clamps I can apply them and then focus on her cltoris and g spot


Nice adjustment

Fun and naughty

We bought these for a little spice in the bedroom. They delivered!!

Exactly as ordered

Ordering and online info was well organized and helpful for placing an internacional order.
Tracking delivery efficient and rapid. Everything arrived as described.

Don't limit these to the nips

The biggest torture (in a good way) to me is when my girlfriend puts these on me and the cold chain is on my stomach before it warms up!

But think bigger than the nips and you'll get your money's worth. My girlfriend finds all sorts of spots to clamp these on me and then tug--my mouth, my ears, she'll gather up the skin on my back and clip that, and then clip and tug on my other lips :) Sometimes it's one clip on her and one clip on me. The possibilities are really endless.

Sometimes when we go out we simply just clip each other together for fun. Aways connected.

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