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Spartacus Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Bells

Spartacus Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Bells

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No matter where they go, you'll know. The Spartacus Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Bells make sure you'll always know where your partner goes. Each dangling nipple clamp features a small, tinkling bell that makes light jingles with every move.

The tweezer-style nipple clamps allow for full adjustment for a personalized experience. Simply push the slide up or down the shaft of the nipple clamps to tighten (or loosen!) the clamps to the perfect pressure and tightness. This allows these clamps to fit a multitude of nipple sizes!

Ensuring the tips stay pleasurable (and as in-place as possible!) each one of the nipple clamps features rubber tip covers. These rubber covers reduce the sting of the metal underneath - but can be removed when you're both feeling particularly adventurous.

(Protip! To ensure these clamps stay on as best as possible - especially when you're moving around to intentionally make jingle bells, ensure the nipple clamps are tight.)

How to Adjust These Nipple Clamps with Bells?

These nipple clamps are tweezer-style clamps. See that small ring along the length of the clamp? This is what allows you to adjust the tightness of the clamps.

Push that small ring all the way down towards the bell. This will fully open up the nipple clamp.

Once you've opened up the clamp, put it in place where you'd like to wear it. For most people, this will involve the two rubber-covered tips surrounding the nipple.

Now that the clamp is in place, use your fingers to press the two sides of the clamp together. While maintaining that pressure, use your other hand to press that ring away from the bell, up towards the rubber-capped tips.

The closer you press this ring to the rubber-capped tips, the tighter the nipple clamps with bells will be. Push it almost near the top for an ultra-tight grip, or leave it somewhere near the middle of the shaft for a comfortable grip. The exact placement will vary based on where you've placed the clamp and how tightly you prefer to wear your nipple clamps.

Jingling Tips for Nipple Clamps with Bells

You picked up a pair of nipple clamps with bells because you wanted to hear the tinkling of bells, right?

Well, let us give you a few tips to make the most of these erotically-noisy nipple clamps:

  • Get a secure fit. If you want to make as much jingling as possible, we recommend placing the nipple clamps tighter than you usually would. All of the jostling of the clamps is going to make them more prone to sliding off. Reduce the likelihood by getting a tight, secure connection on the nipple.
  • Try bouncing on the balls of the feet. One of the easiest way to add chest bouncing without your feet leaving the ground is by simply bouncing on the balls of the feet. If you've done calf raises in the gym, you're familiar with the movement. Come up onto the balls of your feet as if you're wearing heels. Lower yourself back to your full, flat foot. Doing this with speed can make the chest "bounce", moving the bells enough to make noise.
  • Wear a cupless bra. A cupless or quarter-cup bra can help place the breasts on a "shelf" that makes it easier for breast tissue to jiggle. Especially for larger chests, this can keep the clamps in position to sway (and jingle!) more easily.
  • Explore walking that bounces the chest. By default, most of us don't walk in a way that adds a lot of movement to the chest. Especially for those with large chests, this could get painful pretty quickly! When you're wearing nipple clamps with bells, though, you might want to make an exception. Explore different ways to walk that jiggle the chest.


Equipped Features: Adjustable, Equipped Jingling Bells, Rubber-Cap Tips.

Box Includes: Two Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamps Each with Bell. (1 set)

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