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Rocks-Off Ruby Glow Dusk

Rocks-Off Ruby Glow Dusk


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  • Vibrator designed to be sat on top of for hands-free, grinding-focused pleasure.
  • Molded curves help get the vibrations against the clitoris and the vaginal entrance.
  • Two vibration motors (near the vaginal entrance and clitoral ridge) help get sensations exactly where you want them.
  • Battery operated (first set included!) to ensure you never need to worry about recharging your toy.

You're looking at the world's first portable, ride-on, grinder vibrator. Completely non-penetrable, this hands-free rumble seat sex toy offers a brand new way to experience sex toys - and we're totally here for it! Featuring two powerful motors and a molded design to stimulate the clitoris and the vulva while sitting on it, you can sit back and ride the vibrations to orgasm - or get as active as you want!

Prefer the grind? Great! The Rocks-Off Ruby Glow can be used for that, too! The two vibrating pleasure spots are held in place by the body's weight - allowing you to grind your way to as many orgasms as you'd like. Need more (or less?) power? The control buttons are easily accessible on the front of the rumble seat sex toy while seated on it.

Whether you want a new way to explore vibrators and pleasure, have difficulty holding a traditional vibrator, looking for something hands-free, have a body that makes other vibes a poor fit, or anything else, the Ruby Glow was designed for orgasmic pleasure while seated on top of it as a rumble seat vibrator - with or without the 10 speeds of vibrations!

(Fun fact! This vibrator was invented by Tabitha Rayne, an erotica writer who wanted a vibrator she could use, hands-free, while writing stories on her computer. You can 100% use it that way, too!)

(If you want something with a lot more power but with the same "sit-on" premise, you probably want the Cowgirl.)


Equipped features: 10 Vibration Settings, 2 Motors, Non-penetrative, Non-phallic, Can be used clothed, Latex-free, Splashproof.
Materials: Velvet-soft Silicone
Care: Take care when cleaning the Ruby Glow. As it's only splashproof, submerging it in water or running water can ruin it. Clean the Ruby Glow outside of the sink with a damp washcloth and mild soap - and rinse it that way as well. If choosing to lubricate the Rocks-Off Ruby Glow, use water-based lube.

Length: 6.69"
Width: 2.36"

Powered by: 2 AAA batteries (first set included)

Box includes: Rocks-Off Ruby Glow Rumble Seat Sex Toy, First set of batteries.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing must buy

It’s as described and does the job the different level of vibration are amazing I wished it had a remote

I Own Two!

If you're someone who likes grinding for sexual pleasure, run - don't walk - to this vibrator.

To be upfront, I'm pretty "meh" on the vibrations of the Ruby Glow. They're okay, but there are definitely more-powerful vibrators out there. If you're just into the vibrations, you might be better off with a Magic Wand and the Liberator Axis to grind against.

If you're someone who can grind against something (pillow, hand, vibrator, chair, etc.) to orgasm, though, it's hard to argue with the Ruby Glow. It's solid, it's firm, and it's pretty much a perfect surface to grind against. As long as you're seated upright (or laying down on it), it provides a really firm surface for clitoral pleasure - and it stays in place! It pretty much provides a hands-free orgasm where you can use your hands for other things (reading adult material, pleasuring a partner, whatever).

It's really comfortable to sit on, but you just gently shift your weight forward, and then it hits the "ooooooh" spot.

As one of the only vibrators on the market for grinding, I'd recommend this one wholeheartedly if you're looking for the grinding sensations.

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