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Oxballs Double Thruster

Oxballs Double Thruster

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Strap on a second shaft without a harness! The Hunky Junk Double Thruster is a dildo with a built in cock ring base. Simply wrap the cock ring base around the base of your own shaft and enjoy the magic of two shafts to play with!

This opens up a world of different ways to play. We're talking about:

  • Double penetration. Slide your biological shaft in one orifice, and take the Double Thruster into another.
  • Double fucking. Slide both your biological penis and the Double Thruster into the same orifice for extremely filling, sensational fun.
  • Flaccid fun. No erection? No problem. The Double Thruster can still be worn around the base of the shaft, and it can still be slid into a partner; no erection required!

For a secure fit, the Hunky Junk Double Thruster features three holes at the base with slightly stretchy rings. The shaft slides through two holes while you feed the testicles through the remaining hole for added security.

With the manufacturer's proprietary blend of TPR and silicone, you get the best of both worlds: a semi-firm material that feels amazing, and a bit of stretch that helps the Double Thruster stay in the right place.

Everything about the Double Thruster was crafted for effortless use, too. The large, pronounced head helps the dildo feel amazing with a design that offers full contact against a g-spot or p-spot. The concave underside of the dildo's shaft helps it lay flat against any biological shaft for play that feels natural instead of competitive.

How will you explore the Double Thruster?

Is the Double Thruster like a Cock Ring?

We get it: sometimes strap-on toys can feel like a complex puzzle.

Oxballs jumped that hurdle by attaching the Double Thruster onto something you're already familiar with: a cock ring.

The Double Thruster features a cock ring at the base of the dildo with added stability added through the wide, triangular base.

This anchors the Double Thruster in place while simultaneously ensuring you can slide on the Double Thruster in seconds. Heck yeah!

Does the Double Thruster Require a Certain Penis Length?


Since the Double Thruster is secured by the straps at the base of your shaft, it doesn't require any set penis length.

It doesn't even require erection! As long as the Double Thruster is able to be anchored around the balls, you can use the Double Thruster.

If you're looking to do double penetration, we recommend exploring different sex positions to find which positions work best for your shaft length next to the Double Thruster's 6" insertable shaft length.

Is There a Double Thruster Sex Position?

Like everything about sex, the best sex position for using the Double Thruster will vary by what you're trying to do and what type of sex you're trying to have. The Double Thruster can be used in any sex position - including your favorites! It just may require a different tilt of the hips to make sure everything can find its way into the right space.

If you want to try something new, we recommend the Hamstring Stretch position to start your experimentation with the Double Thruster.

receiver begins by putting the Axis Sex Toy Mount under their lower back with legs resting on the partner's shoulders to give access to their vagina or anus

The Hamstring Stretch position offers a few really helpful benefits for the Double Thruster:

  • The upwards tilt of the receiver's hips makes it easy to reach both vaginal and anal orifices.
  • The sex furniture support ensures that the receiver is comfortable, allowing you both to take your time to discover the best angles that work with the Double Thruster.
  • The penetrating partner's position makes it easy to swap between using the Double Thruster or using a biological penis for penetration.
Triple Missionary Threesome sex position: One partner lays down flat on their back, and the second partner lays on top of them like stereotypical missionary position. Then a third partner kneels between the legs in order to penetrate the top-most partner of the two partners.

If you're looking to enjoy a threesome with the Double Thruster, we'd probably recommend the Triple Missionary position. Make sure everyone can communicate with each other though; getting all the angles to line up perfectly can take a bit!


Equipped Features: No harness required, Dual hole security, Pronounced head, Flaccid use, Phthalate-free.
Material: Proprietary Silicone/TPR Blend (Oxballs Plus+ Silicone)
Care and Cleaning: After use, use warm water and mild soap to clean the entirety of the Double Thruster. Pay special attention to the internal sides of the rings to ensure a thorough clean. Use water-based lube during play to help the Double Thruster slide effortless along the shaft and during insertion.

Length: 8" / 20cm
Insertable Shaft Length: 6" / 5cm
Insertable Shaft Circumference: 5" - 6.5" / 13cm - 17cm
Insertable Shaft Diameter: 1.59" - 2.07"
Shaft Hole Diameter: 1" / 3cm (Includes stretch)
Ball Hole Diameter: 1.5" / 4cm (Includes stretch)

Box Includes: Oxballs Hunky Junk Double Thruster.

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