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OhNut Vibrating Ring

OhNut Vibrating Ring

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Variant: Standard Vibrating Ring
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  • Adds vibrations to your OhNut penetration buffers
  • Modular design allows it to lock onto your other OhNut to add vibrations
  • Easily reduce penetration depth with your partner or dildo without impacting sensation for the penetrating partner
  • Eliminates too-deep pain during intercourse and allows both partners to focus on the pleasure and connection

Take your OhNut where they've never gone before! The OhNut Vibrating Ring turns your favorite penetration buffers into a vibrating team to add pleasure in ways you never thought possible with your OhNut. Unlike a standard cock ring that's worn at the base of the shaft, the OhNut Vibrating Ring can be worn anywhere along the shaft. This is a must-have for couples experimenting with the OhNut rings as avoiding the "base of the shaft" is the whole point for the receiver.

Designed especially to work alongside the standard OhNut, the OhNut Vibrating Ring features the same, modular, lock-together design. It works with rest of your OhNut to provide the same penetration depth control you've come to know and love - now with added vibrations!

This modular design ensures the OhNut Vibrating Ring can meet you where you are. Wear it at the exact spot where you've reduced depth to ensure the Vibrating Ring makes constant contact with the receiver. If the vibrations are too powerful, put the Vibrating Ring closer to the penetrating partner in the OhNut stack, and if the receiver wants more power, wear the ring closest to the receiving partner. When attached to the other OhNut, the Vibrating Ring vibrates all of the rings - and the shaft it's wrapped around too! You create your own experience! 

To ensure your experience with the OhNut Vibrating Ring is as seamless as possible, the OhNut Vibrating Ring is fully rechargeable. Simply plug it in via the USB cable to get your Vibrating Ring ready to use again. The OhNut Vibrating Ring is also made from the same material as the original OhNut, so it can be used with any water-based or silicone-based lubes.

To make it easy to get started with the OhNut, we offer the OhNut Vibrating Ring as a single item - or in a cost-saving bundle with the original OhNut set to get you started!

Using the Vibrating Ring with a full OhNut set offers the most stability and penetration buffering (it will be less likely to slide down the shaft with thrusting), but the Vibrating OhNut can be used alone as a vibrating ring with penetration buffer properties. We just recommend gentler thrusting and regular readjustment to ensure the buffer stays in the right place for the receiver if using it solo.

Can I use the OhNut Vibrating Ring on a Sex Toy?

While the OhNut Vibrating Ring was originally created to be worn around a biological penis, that's certainly not the only way to use it.

In fact, the manufacturer recommends using the OhNut Vibrating Ring with anything that could use a bit of depth reduction or a bit of vibration.

Whether you'd like to add vibrations to a favorite dildo or want to provide a gentle, easy reminder of a "stopping point" for favorite vibrators, the OhNut Vibrating Ring can help.

The OhNut Vibrating Ring can be particularly helpful for partnered play with toys! The ring around the shaft can serve as a visual and physical reminder of desired depth - especially if using a toy on someone else!


Equipped Features: Penetration Buffer, 7 Vibration Patterns and Intensities, USB Rechargeable, Extremely stretchy, Modular with the OhNut, Splashproof, BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free.
Material: Polymer blend to allow the rings to work with both water-based and silicone-based lubes
Care: Handwash your OhNut Vibrating Ring after use. This Vibrating Ring is compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubricants. As the Vibrating Ring is not waterproof like the original OhNut, avoid submerging it or placing it underneath running water to clean it. Remove the vibrator from the OhNut itself then wash both items with warm, soapy water. To clean the vibrator, use a damp, soapy washcloth as a go-between to avoid getting any excess water into the toy.

OhNuts can be used with condoms. Roll your condom onto the shaft before getting the OhNut Vibrating Ring in place.


  • Classic is for those who wear "standard" condoms.
  • Wide is for those who wear "XL" condoms or prefer a looser fit.
  • When in doubt, choose the Wide variety. It's unlikely to be too wide to still work for the both of you.

Powered by: USB Rechargeable
Charge Time: 90 minutes to a full charge
Use Time: 80 minutes on the lowest speed; 50 minutes on the highest speed

Box includes: OhNut Vibrating Ring, USB Charging Cable.

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