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OhNut Penetration Buffer

OhNut Penetration Buffer


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Color: Light Green
Size: Wide
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Sex doesn't have to be painful. Combat the the sharp pain of too-deep penetration with the handy OhNut wearables! These stretchy, comfortable rings slide onto the base of the penis (or dildo!) to provide a "buffer" that prevents the area from being easily inserted during sex. Gone are the days where the penetrating partner needs to worry about going "too deep". Make sex more pleasurable for the receiver and less stressful for the penetrator with the OhNut Rings!

Your OhNut purchase comes with a set of four rings to allow you to find the perfect penetration buffer. Use one ring for a bit of buffer, or all four rings can link together for a much-longer buffer. Use anything in-between to find the perfect depth that feels orgasmic for both of you.

(Protip: The OhNut works great with pegging too! If your favorite dildo is just a bit too long in certain sex positions, slip a few OhNuts onto the base of the dildo to ensure the penetration doesn't go too deeply!)


Equipped Features: Penetration Buffers, Extremely stretchy, Stackable, Modular, Waterproof, BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free.
Material: Polymer blend
Care: Handwash your OhNuts after use. We recommend unstacking them for the best cleaning. The OhNuts are compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubricants. Store your OhNuts linked together in its bag between uses to help the OhNuts keep their shape.

OhNuts can be used with condoms.

Unstretched individual ring width: 2"
Individual OhNut can stretch to 8" in width (literally fits all penis sizes!)
Height of all four rings is 2.75" tall

Individual Wide OhNut can stretch up to 12" in width
Height of all unstretched, four Wide rings is 2.75" tall

Visual Description: The OhNut Penetration Buffer Rings are simple - but effective. Each one of these plushy-looking rings looks a bit like a tiny, pastel-colored bicycle tire - only it's designed to be worn on the penis! The OhNut Penetration Buffer set includes four rings. Each one of these four rings includes a smaller-diameter area that interlocks with another ring to keep the set in place. Add and remove each one of the rings to customize the perfect penetration depth for you. The OhNut Penetration Buffer are available in a Light Green (which is a light, pastel, robin egg color), a Dark Green (which looks like the color of an Evergreen tree), and a Rainbow (which includes a set that has a different color on each ring: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green)

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Box includes: Four OhNut rings, travel pouch, clever conversation starters.

Customer Reviews

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Looking for a OhNut review? We have a full review available on Our reviewer also provided their quick synopsis:

-Works great for partnered intercourse and with sex toys
-Compatible with all types of lube; it isn't made of silicone!
-Extremely, extremely stretchy. Wearing them is comfortable.
-"Choose Your Depth" by choosing how many of the OhNut you want to use and where you place them on the shaft

-Interlocking the rings while they're already on the shaft can be a bit hard. I recommend doing all of the interlocking before you slide them on.

Read the full OhNut Penetration Buffer review on

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