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Ordered the large based on customer reviews and discovered it's more average than large when compared to the average plug sizing. In fact, I had expected it to be larger based on reading the other reviews. Not a biggie, still a favorite. The temperature of it changes with that in the environment, so that's definitely a plus of something new. And it is silky smooth. Expect no less with the description. We look forward to playing with it more. And enjoy the addition to our family of toys.

Njoy Pure Plug Taking the Plunge

I have had my eyes on a pure plug for years and finally took the plunge with a medium Njoy Pure Plug. I had a tough decision on the size. I enjoy prostate play with plugs but keep it to a medium size. I was tempted by the large but in end after reading the reviews, decided on the medium. I think a small might be a good beginner level and the large just too heavy for me. It would be helpful to have the size and the weight information to help me decide. When it arrived I immediately popped it in with a good dose of lube and fell in love with its smoothness, weight and movement as I walked around or joined a zoom call for work. It was heavenly to say the least. Keeping my concentration was really hard! I am kicking myself for not getting it sooner but happy now that it is now one of my favorites.

Check the Sizing

My bf bought the small one first. It was a little too small for us, but we got the medium after that. The medium is perfect. I don't do much anal play, but the medium was a really good size for wearing it out to dinner like he wanted. The wooden chairs hurt a bit with the base, but the booths we sat at were super comfy. It has a nice feeling, and it was impossible to forget it was in while we were chatting. I hope we can make it to large.

Excellent Product

Wonderful. Stupendous. Excellent. Orgasmic.

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