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Shockingly Fun Experience

Well when I first tried this toy I have to say I was extremely disappointed. I put one Sultry Sub with snap-on electrode on one butt check and the other Sultry Sub on the other butt check. I turned all the devices on and started at level 1 and continued up to level 10 but it did not provide much of a shock. Okay so I figured I would get creative and shave the hair off of both butt checks where the electrodes would be placed and as an add amount of stimulation I took a wooden paddle with sandpaper on it and rubbed it across both butt cheeks a few time then swatted my butt 5 times. Alright now my butt should be a little more sensitive to the toy and it definitely is - now I can only get the shock level up to 3 or 4 and I am too chicken to press the shock button yet. I have been using it mainly in Stimulation Mode and trying all the program varieties and there are a lot of them. Not sure when to use Stimulation and when to use Train. I am definitely having fun playing with this by myself - however I could see this being equally enjoyable for a couple.

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