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Serious Oral Game-Changer

Awhile back, due to some breathing issues and neck discomfort due to medical issues, my partner and I stopped doing much facesitting at all.

Then I saw this chair, and on more of a hopeful whim than anything else, I bought it.

It arrived fully assembled and ready to use. (It was a big box!) But really, it was already set-up and we were using it the night we got it.

It has seriously put a whole lot more pleasure back into our oral sex sessions. Not only can we do facesitting again with zero of the discomfort, but he can easily breathe when he needs to and he has had zero spinal flare-ups since using this chair. (If you want more of the "authentic" breath-control facesitting experience, you can easily adjust the head sling to make that the case).

Plus, it's super comfortable, and I find that I can relax into the pleasure a whole lot more than I used to be able to. My knees don't go numb, but the design still lets me "ride" and grind just fine.

Only big downside: It's a big piece of furniture. We toss a blanket on it in the closet, and that hides it fine, but there's no taking this one apart for storage. It looks exactly how it looks with no "easy" hiding solution. It's totally worth it for the instant improvement in our oral sex, but just something to keep in mind.

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