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Having read mixed reviews, I was pleasantly surprised by these candles. I’m sure it’s an individual response, so reviews may not help you much. Still, the dollar risk is low and the pleasure potential is high, so just try them.

Let me start by saying I’m not generally into pain and have always described my pain tolerance as being low.

The heat was just right. Hot enough to sting, but not to cause significant pain. Mistress tried it on her hand and then on mine. I was nervous when she held the red candle over my chest but it hurt just right, even when it landed on my nipple. A slight sting that dissipated rapidly.

I liked the color, which cooled to a nice red even with a single drop.

Tapers look super sexy .

The taper melts pretty fast and instantly drops wax due to its shape. This meant after a few single arousing drops, it sent a flurry of drops that got pretty intense. It’s good to be ready to move the candle away or to layer the wax.

A minor dislike is the box looks a bit cheesy. It would benefit from a more refined look.

We recommend them. I hope Mistress purchases more colors.

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