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Magic Wand Plus

Magic Wand Plus

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Decorative image shows the Magic Wand Plus balancing on a ball. The image shows the power cable plugged into the base of the wand massager.  | Kinkly Shop

The best of both worlds! The Magic Wand Plus packs all of the high-end features of the Magic Wand Rechargeable with the power of the Magic Wand Original (formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand) - at a price point that sits comfortably between the two! As a full-size corded massager with a soft, plushy silicone head and a flexible neck, this plug-in-required massager bridges the gap between feature-packed rechargeable massagers and power-packed mains-powered massagers.

Moving away from the Original's "Low/High" vibration control, the Magic Wand Plus offers four different mind-blowing intensities - with a speed that ranges all the way up to 6,300RPM! While the Magic Wand Plus needs to be plugged in to work, after you're done, the power cable unplugs from the massager for simple storage.

If you want the power of the Magic Wand Original with the incremental vibration speeds and features of the Magic Wand Rechargeable, here's your orgasmic middle ground!

NOTE: The Magic Wand Plus is only available for shipment throughout the USA.


Equipped Features: Plush Silicone Head, 4 Vibration Speeds, Removable Power Cord for Storage, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
Four intense vibration speeds: 2,700 / 3,800 / 5,400 / 6,300 vibrations per minute
Materials: Silicone head, Plastic body
Cleaning: Do not submerge or use under running water. The Magic Wand Plus may become damaged with any contact with water. Clean head with a damp cloth and gentle soap.

Length: 13"
Head diameter: 2.4"
Weight: 1.3 lb
Cord length: 6 feet
Power source: 100-240V electrical outlet required for power

This toy is NOT rechargeable. The Vibratex Magic Wand Plus features a cable that detaches for easy storage, but the cable must be plugged in to the toy and a wall outlet in order for the toy to function!

Box includes: Magic Wand Plus toy, Detachable Power Cable.

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y not get this 1 at only 10$ more than the orig? buttons r easy to use, & the vibrations r insane. totally worth.

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