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Tiny but Mighty

It's deceptively strong for it's size, definitely gets the job done, and it's JUST big enough to really get in there (with protection, of course). Does not have all the weird vibration patterns but you won't miss them.

jay h.

Like size doesn’t seem near as powerful but works great would buy again

Dawn J.
Mini Monster

A new magic wand in half the size? Yes please! This wonderful wand is so much smaller and easier to use. I advise everyone go out and get one right away! The only downside is there are no attachments for it like there are for the larger one. The vibrations are a little broad so it can be less accurate when you want specificity.

It's So Cute!

The Magic Wand Mini genuinely feels like a shrunk-down version of the full sized Magic Wands. It's actually kinda adorable, all things considered. It has the same, plushy silicone head and the same plastic handle design - and even the same control button structure. It feels so familiar - despite being so much easier to handle.

And that's what I love about the Mini. The size is SO much easier to handle than the full-sized Magic Wand versions. As some of the full-sized versions are about a pound and a half, this feels downright featherlight. It fits between my partner and I's bodies better during sex, and it just feels more reasonable. It doesn't "feel" as much like putting a powertool between my legs because the handle doesn't extend up to my chest. I'm in love with how much more seamless and fluid handling it feels.

That being said, the vibrations lose a bit of their deep rumbliness compared to the full-sized versions. The vibrations are still very powerful, but they don't have quite the depth of the full-sized versions. But it's still well-over what most people want or need for the bedroom.

So I'd say get a full-sized version if you're sure you need the strongest vibrations out there - or go with the Mini if you'd rather have powerful vibrations with a toy that feels much more comfortable to maneuver and use.

Our little helper

My wife and I love the Magic Wand mini, it’s the perfect size and weight, very simple easy to use controls, and of course I love that it’s rechargeable. The only negative for us is that my wife is very sensitive and even on the lowest setting it can be almost too much for her. But I would highly recommend this product.

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