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Exceeded Every Expectation

Absolutely love this plug - just like I love all of the Lovense toys I've bought from here.

It's rare to find a remote controlled plug that's this big, and this one is REALLY big (if you get the big version). It's made of a firm silicone, so expect the measurements to feel as imposing as the numbers claim to be.

The remote controlled functionality has been flawless. I'm really impressed by how well it transmits, and it has yet to drop a signal on us while playing. We just used it again yesterday while he was on a work trip, and it worked fantastically. I love that we can chat inside of the app and don't have to worry about swapping back and forth between texting and the app - all while I can control the toy at the same time.

And the battery life is ridiculous. Over 10 hours off a single charge? I don't think we're ever going to use that much, but it's super cool that it's there.

I wish I had some complaints to make this review seem more realistic, but honestly, no complaints. It has exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

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