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Great addition

I recently bought this "massager" for my wife and WOW does she really love it. She has never masturbated this much in her life. As a LS couple she just brought it with us on a play date with 2 other couples. The ladies couldn't get enough of it.
It help extend play time by giving us guys some recovery time while the girls kept the play going. It was evident how much they enjoyed it by how exhausted and completely soaked they left the beds when done.

Ridiculous Power

I've recommended this to multiple close friends, and each one is constantly astounded by how powerful it is when I pull it out. I'm pretty sure it's stronger than my Magic Wand Hitachi when put side-to-side. All of us agreed that it's probably because the Domi's head is so much smaller (so vibrations are way more focused), but it was enough of an example to cause two of my friends to get one of their own.

Plus, the whole thing can be controlled from an app! I bought the Domi 2 to sync to my favorite songs and audio erotica (which the app can do), but I find that I don't use them very often. It works fine when I do, but apparently orgasming to music was not as appealing as my brain initially thought it would be. Still, it's cool that it has the app functionality - even if I rarely use it. I just want the power from this baby.

Serious caution, though: this vibrator is stupid powerful. I only pull this out when I want an orgasm - and I want it within seconds. It's overpowering - even on the lowest settings - in the best of ways. Even if I'm having problems reaching orgasm that day, the power on this thing makes that a thing of the past. But I definitely don't reach for it when I'm trying to casually enjoy pleasure or take my time.

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