Lora DiCarlo Osé 2

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It's Too Good

It took some time to make adjustments to both ends to get it just right. I thought I was going to break it but it bends just fine. Unfortunately, I can't use the G-spot simulating end but the clit vibrator end is more than enough. It almost put my other vibrator out of commission. If you're thinking of getting this, definitely do but make sure to read the instructions and give yourself time to get the shape right for you.

still working on it

when the product book said it might take time to get used to the ose and figure out a good fit it wasnt kidding. im making adjustments every use to really get a good fit and i think im almost there.

the suction part fit perfectly right away and i was cumming too fast to actually get time to use the dildo part. ive had to start waiting longer to use the suction part in order to get more time to fit the dldo part. i havent gotten them both to line up perfectly yet but im sure its just a matter of time as both parts feel so damn good on each own. this is the most complicated vibe ive ever bought but its also the most pleasurable. why do the best things hav to be so hard???

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