Locked in Lust Vice Mini V2

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tough to put on, but....

Once it's on it's super comfortable and feels really secure. I think my biggest problem putting it on is that I'm fat and hairy, two things that make any chastity device more difficult to put on. I was very pleased with how comfy it was though after it was on and I had gotten myself adjusted properly. I specifically wanted a cage with an anti-pullout device that wasn't something as harsh as spikes but was still secure. This seems to work perfect for that.

The hinged base ring is very helpful for assembly, but I do wish it was just a hair larger. Using the biggest ring it was still a tight fit. However, blood flow is still good and after it was on there was minimal pinching. I'll have to see if it feels abrasive on my underside after a few days use. I imagine some baby oil as a lubricant should minimize that though.

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