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Liberator Wedge (Plus-Size)

Liberator Wedge (Plus-Size)

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  • Supportive sex furniture wedge that offers a wider platform to support a wider range of bodies.
  • Wedge helps support the body at an ideal 27-degree angle for easier access to the g-spot/p-spot during intercourse, less neck fatigue during oral sex, and easier access between the legs.
  • Ships for free within the contiguous USA!

Change your sex positions for the better! Looking for a bit more wiggle room on your Liberator Wedge? Meet the Liberator Wedge Plus-Size! Crafted with a precise 27-degree angle, the Liberator Wedge Plus-Size gives the perfect tilt to your hips for deeper penetration. Built with high-density foam that supports body weight easily without compression, the Wedge offers a supportive platform for luxuriously comfortable penetration and sexual exploration. We're particularly fond of it for missionary, doggy style, and oral sex, but your imagination is the limit!

Crafted for larger bodies or people who just want more room to enjoy, the Liberator Wedge Plus Size is 30" in width instead of the 24" width of the standard Liberator Wedge. Along with that extra width comes more supportive foam to comfortably cushion larger bodies for a seamless experience. While we recommend you choose the Plus-Size if you think the extra room will be helpful, regardless of weight, the Liberator Wedge Plus Size was specifically crafted for lovers over 300 pounds.

Like all Liberator shapes, the Liberator Wedge Plus Size was designed to seamlessly integrate into your sex life for years to come. The colorful, outermost cover is a microfiber, machine-washable cover that easily zips up around the formed shape after cleaning. Inside the outermost layer is a moisture-resistant layer that helps protect the supportive foam from all of your pleasure. Perfect for making your own little sex gym, all microfiber Liberator covers are non-slip against one another. Pick up a couple to perfectly mesh with the sex positions you love!

NOTE: Plus-sized Liberator shapes are made-to-order after your order is placed and must be shipped to a physical address (no PO Boxes). Expect 3-4 weeks for your order to ship.

Please be aware; the Liberator Wedge Plus is not available for shipment outside of the USA. If an order is placed with this item for international shipment, we'll reach out, and you'll be refunded.

Should I Buy the Regular or Plus Liberator Wedge?

As a general rule of thumb, Liberator recommends purchasing the Plus version of their shapes if anyone using the Wedge is individually over 300 pounds.

However, there is little downside to purchasing the Plus version of the Wedge if you're on the fence. There will be an even-wider surface area to play on, and the added size can reduce the amount of compression in the shape while lying on top of it.

We also recommend keeping the width in mind. Even if you're nowhere near 300 pounds, people blessed in the posterior or chest department may really enjoy the extra space on the Liberator Plus Wedge. It offers a full 6" more space for a comfortable laying platform. (The regular Wedge is 24" wide while the Plus is 30" wide.) This extra width can help you feel stable on top of the shape's platform.

The only downside that your Liberator Wedge will be 6" wider. You should consider your options for storing a slightly larger shape if you choose to go with the Plus version.

Is There an Upper Weight Limit for the Liberator Wedge Plus?

Nope! You can go ahead and put a literal ton (2,000 pounds!) of weight on top of the Liberator Wedge Plus if you'd like. The compression would drastically reduce the supportive angle that the Liberator Wedge Plus provides, but it wouldn't hurt the user or the shape.

The Liberator Wedge Plus is already crafted for lovers who weigh more than 300 pounds. It won't be dangerous for you or the shape if you're well over that number; it simply will compress the foam within the Liberator Wedge Plus a little bit more, so you may end up with a final boosted angle that's 20 degrees instead of 27.

So play to your heart's content without any worries! This Liberator Plus Size shape is here to honor and support your body for intimacy.

(One of our staff members has had over 650 pounds of weight on top of a Plus Wedge with no problem!)

Will the Liberator Wedge Plus Help if I Have a Large Belly Apron?


Sometimes our bodies can use a bit of a helping hand to get them into the most comfortable positions for sex - and that's the case whether you have a large belly apron or not. We're all unique, and anything we can do to make sex more comfortable, pleasurable, and enjoyable is something we should be doing.

The additional angles on Liberator plus size sex furniture can help move a large belly apron exactly where you want it.

For example, lifting the receiver's hips up with the Liberator Wedge Plus during a missionary position will let gravity move a large belly apron towards the head and away from your play space.

During doggy style, a large belly apron can rest on top of the angled platform of the Liberator Wedge Plus, keeping it from swinging or moving, for added comfort and stability during intercourse.

How Do I Get on the Liberator Wedge Plus?

We get it; climbing on top of a shape might sound a bit intimidating. But we have some pointers to help!

Some of our favorite ways our staff recommends getting the Liberator Plus Size furniture underneath your body for laying-on-your-back positions:

  • Position the Liberator plus size furniture at the edge of a low-height bed, and stand in front of it, facing away from the bed. Gently fall backwards, aiming to keep the gluteal fold of your butt as close to the highest point of the Wedge as possible. Once you're laying on the bed on top of the Wedge, use the method below to help wiggle the Wedge entirely into position in the exact spot where you want it.
  • Lay face up on your back on the bed, and hold both legs upright towards the ceiling. Place the thinner end of the Wedge right up against the butt. Using momentum or your muscles, pull your legs up towards the ceiling (or towards your head) to make a little space underneath your body, and pull the Wedge to fill in that space. Repeat until you're fully on top of the Wedge.
  • Lay face up on your back on the bed, and place the plus size Liberator furniture next to you, touching your hip. Going into a bridge position, gently wiggle the Liberator Wedge underneath you. Once you have the Wedge a bit underneath you, it can help to "bounce" your lower body upwards while simultaneously pulling the Wedge underneath you while you're slightly airborne.

If you have a partner around, a partner can help move the Wedge for you in any of these scenarios, so all the receiver needs to focus on is getting their body into the right spot.

And of course, if you're doing a from-behind or doggy style position, all you'll need to do is slide the Wedge Plus underneath you and lay on top of it. No gymnastics required there!


Equipped features: 27-degree angle, Supportive foam, Machine-washable clean-up, Soft microfiber zip-up cover, Moisture-resistant liner
Materials: Fully supportive polyurethane foam with a machine-washable microfiber and nylon covers
Care: The outermost cover for this Liberator product is machine-washable. We recommend a cold wash and then air-drying. (If that's not possible, please use a low-heat tumble dry setting!) The moisture-resistant liner should remain on the foam as much as possible. If you get any fluids on the liner, just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Do not bleach/iron any part of this product. 

Width: 30"
Height: 7"
(Are you looking for something a little more compact? Consider our other Liberator Wedge!)

Box includes: Liberator Wedge Plus Size

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Better for Bigger Butts

As a plus-sized woman, I really appreciate the extra space on the Plus size version. The regular Wedge is okay, but I don't feel like I'm going to fall off the edges of the Plus version. I feel a bit inelegant when I get on top of this thing, but I entirely forget about climbing on top once the sex starts. It really makes a difference.

That being said, it makes for some much-better positions during sex. I'm especially fond of it to elevate my hips when receiving missionary position. It instantly turns it into a g-spot position and I'm kinda in love with it.

Also, I love that I can be lazy and just toss it into the washer when we're done. I think we've had ours for two years now, and it's still as amazing as the day we bought it. The foam hasn't degraded at all. Toss it in the wash on cold, dryer it on low heat, done. I love low-effort sex toys.

Works wonders

Would highly recommend. Makes some positions that were previously impossible accessible and others just a lot more convenient. It stays in place while being used and is a good balance between comfort and support.

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