Liberator Wedge (Plus-Size)

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Better for Bigger Butts

As a plus-sized woman, I really appreciate the extra space on the Plus size version. The regular Wedge is okay, but I don't feel like I'm going to fall off the edges of the Plus version. I feel a bit inelegant when I get on top of this thing, but I entirely forget about climbing on top once the sex starts. It really makes a difference.

That being said, it makes for some much-better positions during sex. I'm especially fond of it to elevate my hips when receiving missionary position. It instantly turns it into a g-spot position and I'm kinda in love with it.

Also, I love that I can be lazy and just toss it into the washer when we're done. I think we've had ours for two years now, and it's still as amazing as the day we bought it. The foam hasn't degraded at all. Toss it in the wash on cold, dryer it on low heat, done. I love low-effort sex toys.

Works wonders

Would highly recommend. Makes some positions that were previously impossible accessible and others just a lot more convenient. It stays in place while being used and is a good balance between comfort and support.

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