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Holds a Fleshlight Really Well

Holds a Fleshlight really well. We've always used it with the full-sized Fleshlights, and it has held them in perfectly. You just kinda shove it in there, and as long as you shove it in far enough, it holds it in great with zero problems. It works flawlessly - compared to a couch where we had the Fleshlights constantly sliding out or requiring someone to "hold" them in there. Some of Fleshlight's newer offerings like their Go and smaller sizes might not fit in as snugly; we haven't tried those.

The Top Dog has been really great for kneeling "doggy style" use. I really like watching him use it; it isn't often that I get to see him thrusting because I'm usually involved in it. It has made it really hot just to watch - and he uses it sometimes for solo use too.

We've used it a couple times for penis-in-vagina intercourse too. It works really great to lay on top of it for support during doggy style.

I only wish it had more ways to use it. That might be my own creativity coming up short, though, but it seems like it's really well-designed for doggy (and does that perfectly), but we haven't found too many ways to extend it beyond that.

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