Liberator Ramp (Plus-Size)

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Big - and Does Its Job!

Easily one of the best shapes for From-Behind sex positions. The height of the shape partnered with the length of it pretty much means that it can support virtually all of your weight - and leave your knees with much less weight to support. We've used it for other sex positions over the years, but the Doggy style positions are by-far my favorites.

I like the extra space that the Liberator Ramp Plus Size offers for my larger body. Since there's more width to it, there's more supportive surface. That being said, we've had about 700 pounds on top of one of these before, and it still wasn't even half-way flattened. With one person's body weight on it, it pretty much exactly holds it shape - with just a slight plushness to make it comfortable on you.

(I prefer the Liberator Wedge - also in Plus - to the Liberator Ramp. I find that we pull it out a lot more compared to the Ramp, but my favorite sex positions aren't your favorites, and if you already know what positions you want to use with the Ramp, have at it! We just usually pull out the Ramp in conjunction with the Wedge anyway if we're going to pull it out for the two-shape position combos.)

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