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Liberator Jaz

Liberator Jaz

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Slender and easy to toss around, the Liberator Jaz is a petite sex positioning shape that instantly changes up your sex angles - and makes all aspects of sex even more pleasurable. Slip it underneath the hips to better hit the g-spot/p-spot during missionary. Use it to elevate the hips during laying doggy style to relax and focus on the pleasure - instead of shaking muscles. Use its helpful, 6" height to boost the hips during oral sex - and reduce neck strain from the giver.

The high-density foam supports body weight in ways that normal pillows could never even imagine! The Jaz helps keep your body exactly where you want it - while simultaneously supporting your frame with a soft, supple surface that feels fantastic against bare skin.

Here's the best part: when you're done, you simply unzip the outermost cover of the Liberator Jaz - and toss it into the washing machine! Amazingly easy clean-up, you can simply zip the cover back onto the Jaz when it's done - and your shape is as good as new!

The Jaz's internal, nylon liner helps resist moisture - so you even if you enjoy your sex in the most passionate, messy of ways, your Jaz will stand strong against bodily fluids, and keep your Jaz's internal, high-density foam looking great.

(Protip! The Jaz, in all forms, is one of our most petite sex furniture shapes. While it's amazing on its own, if you're larger-framed, you may find the Liberator Wedge to provide more support than the Liberator Jaz does. The Jaz's 18" width is 6" smaller than the Liberator Wedge and 12" smaller than the Liberator Wedge Plus. Still, the Jaz remains a fantastic option for those who travel with their sex cushion often - or those who don't need the full height of the Liberator Wedge series.)

Note: Liberator products (including this one!) typically take 1-4 weeks to ship and must be shipped to a physical address (no PO Boxes). Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Please be aware; this item is not available for shipment outside of the USA. If an order is placed with this item for international shipment, we'll reach out, and you'll be refunded.


Equipped Features: Petite size for easy travel and storage, Supportive foam, Machine-washable clean-up, Soft microvelvet zip-up cover, Moisture-resistant liner,
Material: Microvelvet.
Care and Cleaning: The outermost cover for this Liberator product is machine-washable. We recommend a cold wash and then air-drying. (If that's not possible, please use a low-heat tumble dry setting!) The moisture-resistant liner should remain on the foam as much as possible. If you get any fluids on the liner, just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Do not bleach/iron any part of this product.

Height: 6"
Width (hip-edge to hip-edge while laying on it face down): 18"
Length: 14"

Weight Limit: Like all Liberator sex furniture, the Jaz does NOT have any weight limit. However, due to its smaller size (one of the smallest Liberator makes!), if you're concerned about weight, we recommend looking into the Wedge or Wedge Plus instead. Higher weights will not harm the Jaz at all, but they will compress the material more drastically - which will reduce the boost the shape provides.

Box Includes: Liberator Jaz.

Customer Reviews

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Small, Portable, and Functional

Small but neat. We find that we use the Liberator Wedge more often (because it has more space), but this has been really neat for traveling or when we don't want to hassle with the much-larger sizes of most Liberator shapes. For one of my exes who was 150 pounds, this worked great to support her body when I was using toys on her. It made everything more accessible - and not pushed into the bed.

Would definitely not recommend it for thicker bodies and plus size peeps. This was way too small to work for my large body at some of my larger sizes. Definitely go with a Wedge or Wedge Plus if that's the case.

The Jaz's benefits are in the low cost (because smaller size) and its really small, portable size. That can work great if you're on a budget and are smaller in body frame. It's really fun to be able to toss Jaz into a (literal) plastic grocery bag for travel because it fits! None of my other Liberator shapes do that.


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