Liberator Fascinator Throw

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Love it

It is an attractive blanket and excellent absorbent covering for sex. It washes well and the buying experience was easy!

Super play mat

Fabric is superb, comfortable doesn’t hold heat. Comfortable for play or sleep. Unless you’d a gusher a quick wipe will clean up. Launders well.

Most Functional Blanket We Own

Really great for watersports play and squirting. We've never had a leak on it, and it prevents us from having to wash all of the bedding after accidentally-wet play. We've used it for non-sex purposes, too, like as a photo backdrop, making the floor softer and nicer to sit on, and even as something to sleep on when someone isn't feeling good so they don't have to "wait up and go back to sleep in their own sweat". It's been really, really useful for us.

The blanket makes a little bit of a crinkle noise when you're moving around on it, but it's nothing as long as the old medical waterproof blanket we had. This feels so much more sensual than all of the options we've tried.

Sxy protection

Good shopping experience at Kinkly. Bought this for wet fun and weve been impressed. We used to use a medical waterproof blanket but it didnt feel very sexy. This works way better and its handled every bit of liquid weve tossed at it. Wife made me test it out beforehand so we didnt ruin the expensive bedding and I put 4 gallons on it and it still didnt leak through. Were both really impressed.

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