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Liberator Fascinator Throw

Liberator Fascinator Throw

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Color: Merlot
Size: Travel
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  • Waterproof blanket to keep your messiest sex off of your expensive furniture
  • Super plushy velvish material feels luxurious against naked skin
  • Machine-washable for easy clean-up after passionate sex that leaves you exhausted
  • Looks just like a standard blanket when it's folded up for amazing discretion
  • Available in multiple sizes for the fit that's best for you
  • Great for kink scenes and period protection as well!
  • All sizes ship for free within the USA!

No one ever has to sleep in the wet spot ever again! Welcome to the Liberator Fascinator Throw - the waterproof blanket that's especially designed for sex. This supremely plush throw blanket looks like an average blanket on the outside, but on the inside, it's a fully waterproof blanket that feels luxurious against the skin - and can be tossed in the washing machine when you're done!

Just lay out the Fascinator Throw before the sex begins. Not only do you get a luxurious, super-soft surface to play on, but the waterproof blanket will also keep your bedding, favorite couch spot, and furniture entirely dry - no matter how wet and wild your sex happens to get. When you're done, wash this waterproof blanket in the washing machine, so you and your partner(s) can enjoy all the post-sex cuddling you want - on the dry sheets!

(Protip! The Liberator Fascinator Throw is fantastic for all types of activities that might make a mess - and need a quick and easy clean-up including female ejaculation, menstrual blood, lots of lube, food play, and more!)

Note: Liberator products (including this one!) typically take 1-4 weeks to ship and must be shipped to a physical address (no PO Boxes). Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Please be aware; this item is not available for shipment outside of the USA. If an order is placed with this item for international shipment, we'll reach out, and you'll be refunded.

How is the Liberator Sex Blanket Different?

You might already use a towel for this. Or maybe you just grumpily sleep on the wet spot - or even lay down a plastic tarp when you're expecting some wet sex. (There's nothing like the squeaky noise and sticky-plastic of a tarp to enhance the sexual mood!)

But that's just it: the Liberator Throw is different because it's made for sex. Every single aspect of this sex blanket was made to enhance sex - and feel sexy while doing it. That's what really sets it apart from blanket or tarps or towels.

First off, you have the material. It's super-soft on the skin, feels like a sensual treat for your senses, and it grips surfaces pretty nicely. That's to say, once you put the Fascinator Throw down, it won't slip all over the bed; it tends to stay pretty nicely in one place!

Not only that, but it feels perfect on naked skin; almost like a sex play mat specifically designed for your pleasure! (No fabric getting stuck to skin here!)

Next off, you have the waterproof capabilities.

The Liberator sex blanket isn't a towel that liquids can soak through - and dampen the bed you were trying to keep dry.

It isn't a tarp - where a misplaced fingernail means a soaked bed.

It's a sturdy, sexual blanket that protects furniture and bedding through its waterproof capabilities.

Inside those super-soft fabric layers we just talked about, there's a hidden waterproof lining. This waterproof lining keeps liquids on the surface of the blanket - and prevents them from soaking through onto the other side.

Don't forget about cleaning it, either! It's easy as pie because the Liberator Throw is fully machine-washable!

Tips and Tricks for Using the Liberator Throw

Get the Right Sized Throw for Your Needs! Traveling with the king-sized throw might be difficult, but the travel-sized throw might not offer enough coverage when you're at-home and want to ensure the entire area is protected. Get the right size for your needs!

Use Your Washing Machine: Want to wash the Throw by hand? You can, but you don't have to! Remember that the Liberator Throw is entirely machine-washable in cold water!

Keep it Clean and Ready! Your Liberator Throw won't do you much good if you're always leaving it in the dirty laundry. Get it cleaned - and ready to go a moment's notice for when your sex plans take a sudden turn into something deliciously dirty.

Wash It Properly: While your Liberator Throw is machine washable, it still has a waterproof layer inside of it. This means that you need to wash it properly or else you might end up deteriorating the waterproof internal layer over time.

Think about After-Sex: While the Liberator Throw will protect any surface you're on, it won't necessarily be able to give you a magic carpet ride to the shower when you're done. Keep a few hand towels nearby if your fun is extra messy to ensure you can make it safely to the shower when you're done!


Equipped features: Machine-washable clean-up, Waterproof, Soft materials, Discreet (looks like just another blanket!), Protects furniture and bedding.
Materials: Velvish-soft layers surrounding an internal waterproof barrier.
Care: The Liberator Throw is machine-washable. Set it on cold water in the "delicates" cycle, and then tumble dry (in low heat) in the dryer. (Or hang it to dry!) The Fascinator Throw will get softer with each wash.

Liberator Throw Sizing Guide
Travel Size
Width: 36"
Length: 53"
(Recommended as a to-go blanket while traveling or to prevent minimal wet spots at home.)

Width: 54"
Length: 72"
(Recommended as full-coverage to protect important furniture or to ensure you never have to fiddle with readjusting a smaller size for coverage. Couple embracing is shown on a Standard.)

Width: 76"
Length: 80"
(Recommended for King-sized beds and those playing with large amounts of liquid like watersports or squirting)

Box includes: Liberator Fascinator Throw.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great for playtime!

Super great feel to it and great when things get slippery and wet to cover couches or other items!

Beth S.
Yep, game changer

Whew mercy, the joys of being well loved...And with this luscious blanket...the delights of an instant cleanup. No get up and change the bedding, no upholstery cleaning, no special care...protect the surface...and toss it in the wash. Perfect.


I have not used it yet. Thanks!

must have for couples take it anywhere

this is what i have waited for. on the bed or beach if two vwanna play this is the way to go. i have it always and for stargazing and snuggling it is tops . i recommend get it big enough for bed as it works. soft and sensual it is the mood starter and it has been designed to last oil h20 almost anything comes up i have not even got a stain on my King. b4 this it was new sheets monthly clean sheets daily . no more great brand i recommend a large custom bag as wellto carry all the essentials and alot more.

Love it

It is an attractive blanket and excellent absorbent covering for sex. It washes well and the buying experience was easy!

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