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Like a 3rd person but just the 2 of us…

We both have used this little gem in combination with sport sheet nexus 7. Her finally able to experience a DP with just the 2 of us… me to receive strap-on play while making love to my wife….. God, what an orgasm!!! We both love this new addition to our toy box! My only complaint is it is a bit high but a recent purchase of a queening throne may help resolve this….

Liberator Bon Bon

Works great for solo play for riding/pegging although I find it a bit high to get started if you have short legs. Way more comfortable than sticking toy on floor or wall, legs and feet hold it in place very well for some great riding pleasure.
Still have to try it out for partner play.

Makes Riding Toys More Pleasurable

The BonBon has been really great for riding toys. We've tried a whole lot of suction cup toys in the past, but they don't always stay on the ground properly, and more realistically, my knees start hurting from the position (on the hard tile) long before I get to enjoy as much pleasure as I wanted.

The Bon Bon fixed that. Not only can I use toys anywhere with my hands, but the foam of the Bon Bon also supports part of my weight too, so it's way less hard on my knees. Elevating the toy higher up than the floor also means that I need less of a bend in my knees to get to enjoying the toy, so that makes it much more fun for me too.

Squeezing my knees around the Bon Bon keeps it in place along with the weight of my body, so I get to enjoy my toys without using my hands. It also leaves my clit totally open for wand massagers or other pleasure, so I can easily use a dildo or internal vibe while also getting pleasure externally at the same time.

It's awesome!

Better than I thought

After trying pegging and me liking it but my wife not really liking it, we thought this would be a good option. The first time I used it I had an intense orgasm that was like non I've ever felt before. The toy stays put, this handles me (I'm 6 feet and about 255 lbs) and does not get crushed. Easy clean up, cover comes off if needed, and it holds a variety of different sized toys easily as long as there is a flared base of some kind. My wife likes to watch and wants to watch again so that's a plus and something we didn't expect.

Looks Hot

I am so glad I bought this for my dungeon. My boyfriend loves some pretty big anal toys, but it isn't always comfortable to peg him - or I just don't feel like it. The BonBon solves those issues for us. I slide the toy into the BonBon, and I command him to ride the BonBon while I watch. It has drastically reduced his thigh and back pain the next day, and honestly, it looks way hotter with something between his thighs. And I have all the freedom I need for my own pleasure!

P.S. I love that the purple matches my dungeon colors!

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