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Liberator Black Label Lyza Lounger Valkyrie

Liberator Black Label Lyza Lounger Valkyrie

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Color: Aubergine Purple
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  • Narrow width and low height for easy straddling and powerful leverage.
  • High-density foam stands firm against compression while offering a gentle platform that's soft on your joints.
  • At 35 pounds, this lightweight furniture can be moved around your home as needed for fun. Take it from the video game room to the bedroom! Easily take off the movable bondage "points" to remove all sexual references from the shape.
  • "Loop covered" sides allows you to attach the included bondage points anywhere on the sides of the furniture for the ultimate versatility.
  • Machine-washable outer cover for easy after-sex clean-up.
  • Soft, sensual microfiber material offers a "non-slip" surface with any other Liberator microfiber shapes. Create your own sexual playground!
  • Includes four compatible cuffs and a blindfold to get started right away!
  • Ships for free within the contiguous USA!

Bedroom bondage made sexy and simple! The Liberator Black Label Lyza Lounger provides a sexual playground for the two of you - complete with a limitless range of bondage options!

A work of sensual art, the Black Label Lyza Lounger's sultry curves work perfectly to expand your range of sexual positions - and make those positions even more pleasurable! Use the sloping curves to your advantage to better hit the g-spot and p-spot - or use those same curves to support the body and make sex even more comfortable! With the Black Label Lyza Lounger's lower height and narrower shape, it's perfect for straddling and standing - for even better leverage while thrusting!

The Lyza Lounger's innovative "touch fastener" surface allows for limitless bondage possibilities. Every inch of the side panels can be used for bondage; simply press the included touch fasteners onto any open spot to instantly create your own bondage point! Clip in the included cuffs for effortless, seamless bondage that's done in seconds, or bring your own kink gear to further  expand the Lyza Lounger's bondage potential. (We especially recommend adjustable tether straps to give you wiggle room with all of your bondage options!)

The included, optional headrest adds even more potential to the Lyza Chaise Lounger. Use it as a kneeling pad for bonus comfort when playing along the edge of this Liberator sex furniture, or use it to elevate the hips when you want just a little more height. You can also just use it as it was designed: as a very-comfortable headrest to make it even easier to watch all of the sultry sex as it happens!

Made just for sex, you never have to worry about the after-sex clean-up. The Lyza Lounger's outermost layer is a zip-off, sultry-soft microfiber layer. Simply unzip this outermost layer and toss it into the washing machine for the best post-orgasm clean-up you've ever had!

Ensuring the supportive, weight-resistant, high-density foam is as protected as possible, the Lyza Lounger includes a moisture-resistant inner liner. This liner lets you explore all of the sexual potential of the Lyza Lounger without worry. Squirting? Ejaculation? It can handle it!

That same microfiber material makes for a match made in heaven with any other microfiber Liberator sex furniture shapes. Their microfiber materials offer a non-slip surface with one another, allowing you to make the Lyza Lounger the cornerstone of your new sexual playground!

Note: Liberator products (including this one!) typically take 1-4 weeks to ship and must be shipped to a physical address (no PO Boxes). Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Please be aware; this item is not available for shipment outside of the contiguous USA. If an order is placed with this item outside of this zone, we'll reach out, and you'll be refunded.


Features: Hundreds of angles, Movable bondage points, Thousands of bondage position possibilities, Includes matching headrest that doubles as a sex position cushion, Discreet appearance with bondage points removed, Lower height, Straddle-able width, O-ring bondage points work with most bondage toys, Supportive foam, Machine washable cover, Soft zip-up cover, Moisture-resistant liner.
Materials: Fully supportive polyurethane foam with a wipe-clean microfiber cover.
Care: The outermost cover for this Liberator product is machine-washable. We recommend a cold wash and then air-drying. (If that's not possible, please use a low-heat tumble dry setting!) The moisture-resistant liner should remain on the foam as much as possible. If you get any fluids on the liner, just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Do not bleach/iron any part of this product.

Length: 68"
Width: 22"
Height at Tallest Swell: 22"
Height of Lower Swell: 16"
Height of Lowest Point Between the Two Tall Swells: 11"

Box includes: Liberator Black Label Lyza Lounger, Matching Headrest Cushion, 4 Bondage Point Panels, 4 Cuffs with Clips, 1 Blindfold.
Box Dimensions: 31"x17"x17" (Lyza Lounger comes roll compressed for easier, planet-friendly shipping!)

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