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LELO Smart Wand 2 Medium

LELO Smart Wand 2 Medium

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Cordfree, powerful pleasure in a medium size. The LELO Smart Wand Medium 2 provides powerful vibrations in a cord-free, luxury package. With a gently curved handle for easy access to your hardest-to-reach spots and a vibrator that's covered in the softest silicone you've ever felt, the LELO Smart Wand Medium feels like a treat-yourself experience every time you pick it up.

Of course, the LELO Smart Wand Medium 2 is full of all of the standard LELO features that you know and love. Your new Medium Smart Wand 2 arrives in gorgeous packaging that's perfect for gift-giving - or storage. The silky-smooth silicone lives up to all of the hype; we'll be surprised if you don't pet it upon arrival! Your LELO Smart Wand Medium 2 will be ready whenever you need it with its rechargeable battery. No cables to hassle with, this LELO Medium Wand 2 offers 2 hours of playtime on a single charge! You're going to be impressed by how much pleasure is packed into this medium-sized wand.

(Protip! The LELO Smart Wand Medium 2 is one of the few wand massagers on the market that's fully waterproof! Need power in the bath or shower? The LELO Smart Wand Medium 2 has you covered!)

LELO Smart Wand Large vs Medium

A comparison chart between the Smart Wand 2 Medium and the Smart Wand 2 Large. The Medium provides less than 50db of strength while the Large provides less than 60. The Medium has a rotation frequency of 60Hz while the Large has a rotation frequency of 80 Hz. The Medium has a use time of two hours while the Large has a use time of 4. The Medium weighs 0.34 pounds while the large weighs 0.84 pounds. Both massagers have 10 vibration modes. | Kinkly Shop

This handy chart shows the differences between the LELO Smart Wand Large vs Medium. Essentially, the LELO Smart Wand Medium 2 is slightly quieter, offers half as much use time, charges faster, is about 4" shorter, and is less than half the weight of the LELO Smart Wand 2 Large vibrator.

Essentially, the LELO Smart Wand Medium 2 offers a smaller, more-portable shape - but with its smaller size comes a smaller space for battery, so it has half the battery life as the LELO Smart Wand Large 2.

How to Control the LELO Smart Wand Medium 2?

Illustration titled "Getting to Know Your Smart Wand 2 Medium". It shows an outline of the wand massager. The head of the massager is labeled "Pleasure Point". The base of the toy has a hole that's labeled "Charging Point". The + and - intensity control buttons are labeled "+/- Intensity Controls" while the center button is labeled "Mode Selection Button".

The LELO Smart Wand Medium provides three buttons for easy-peasy control. Press the + button to turn on the vibrator and increase vibration strength. Press the - button to lower the vibration strength. The button in the middle can be single-pressed to cycle through the different vibration patterns. The middle button can also be pressed-and-held to turn off the vibrator.

This is also a wand massager with travel lock. Lock the vibrator by holding the plus and minus button together for five seconds. Unlock the vibrator by repeating the same button press.

The LELO Smart Wand Medium comes travel locked, so if it won't turn on at first, make sure to turn off travel lock.

 How to Charge the LELO Smart Wand Medium 2?

Illustration with an outline of the LELO Smart Wand Medium 2 wand massager. Near the base of the wand where the charging port is, an illustrated charging plug is shown about to plug into the charging port of the LELO Smart Wand Medium 2. The text on the image says "Only use original chargers provided by LELO with your Smart Wand 2 Medium."

The LELO SmartWand Medium 2 can easily be charged by plugging the charger into the charging socket at the base of the wand. The light on the wand massager will pulsate to indicate that the massager is charging. When the LELO Smart Wand Medium is fully charged, this light will turn to a steady light. It takes about 2 hours for the LELO Smart Wand Medium to fully charge, and it will provide about 2 hours of playtime off of that two hour charge. 

Always charge your wand massager before its first use, and when charging this LELO Wand Medium, only use the cable that came with the vibrator.

Warranty on the LELO Smart Wand Medium 2

Warranty Registration on the LELO Medium Smartwand

The LELO Medium Smart Wand 2 comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty and a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee. In order to take advantage of the warranty and guarantee, we recommend registering your product after purchase - and don't forget to keep your emailed receipt from Kinkly Shop saved in your inbox in case you ever need to claim your warranty!


Equipped Features: 10 Modes, 3-button Interface, Cordless, USB Rechargeable, Waterproof, 1 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty, 10 Year Manufacturer's Quality Guarantee.
Material: ABS Plastic/Silicone
Care: The LELO Smart Wand Medium 2 should be washed in warm water with mild soap before and after use. Since this LELO Wand vibrator has very little crevices to worry about near the head and it's waterproof, it's an easy clean!

Length: 8.3" / 210mm
Width: 1.8" / 45mm
Weight: 155g / 0.34lb

Power: Rechargeable via USB
Charge Time: 2 Hours to full charge
Run Time: Full charge provides up to 2 hours of playtime
Standby Time: Up to 90 days

Frequency: 60Hz
Max Noise Level: 50 dB

Visual Description: The LELO Smart Wand Medium 2 is a wand massager with a curved handle. The majority of the LELO Smart Wand Medium 2 is covered in a silky-soft, smooth silicone aside from a small, glossy plastic panel near the base of the handle that gives the wand a modern look. There are three buttons on the handle of the LELO Smart Wand Medium 2 on the upper half near the head of the massager. Underneath these buttons, towards the base of the massager, is where the glossy panel begins. At the base of the LELO Smart Wand Medium 2 is a hole where the charging cable plugs in to charge the massager. The head of the massager is covered in the same, matching silicone as the rest of the massager for a one-color look in addition to the chrome-like panel at the base of the handle.

Box Includes: LELO Smart Wand Medium 2, USB-Charging Cord, Satin Storage Pouch, Warranty Registration Card, Detailed Instruction Manual.

Customer Reviews

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I had a Hitachi Magic Wand. By "had", I mean I currently still do, but it's been stuffed into a box in the closet after buying this one. Both of them seemed to have very similar power - that is, they're both really, really strong. But this LELO wand is way more beautiful. I don't see a medical-looking toy every time I pull it out. I see a self-love and sensual experience. Touching the wand is absolutely amazing. The silicone is so smooth that it feels like silk. The wand is so easy to control, and I just love everything about how this wand vibrates and looks. It's such a fulfilling experience - both visually and sexually.

Look at the size of that head! The smooth silicone coating is a treat too.

But while some wands go from oooooh to genital erasure in a button click, the LELO Smart Wand provides a very slow buildup. Like, you have to click a full 10 times (I think) to get to the highest setting. I know this doesn't sound like much, so you'll just have to trust me when I tell you that this a very good feature; if you need the top level, it’s there for you, but you can subtly shift your way up there without having to worry about sending your sensitive bits into a state of vibrational shock. And the way the Smart Wand shifts from level to level is just so … smooth. It feels like shifting gears in a really nice car. Plus, no matter how high you go, the vibrations stay smooth and rumbly – they never get buzzy or irritating.

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