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Because sometimes simple is oh-so good.

It’s powerful (for its size – this isn’t a Smart Wand!), it’s body-safe, it’s waterproof and it’s easy to charge any time, anywhere.

It’s also really discreet. It’s supposed to look like a lipstick which … it doesn’t, really - it’s about 50% too big for that. But it doesn’t look like a sex toy either, so I felt fine just leaving it in the charging port in our kitchen and then on the mantle behind my bed. As a result, I also found myself reaching for it rather a lot.
I reached for it during sex, where its sleek shape fit nicely between my partner and I and the pointy tip allowed me to get the pinpoint stimulation I like. The buttons are also raised, so it’s easy to figure out how to turn the vibrations up or down without looking. MIA 2 has 8 vibration levels and five pattern settings.

I also reached for the MIA 2 when I traveled recently, because it’s small, simple and I can charge it using my laptop’s USB port. It’s also super-quiet in use, which is always a bonus. And its smooth plastic case cleans up really easily with soap and water.

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