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LELO's LUNA Smart Bead has made Kegel training simple and kinda fun. Actually, it’s made Kegel tr...

I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a personal trainer and while I didn’t imagine getting one for my vag, apparently that might be the part of me that needs one the most. But more on that later. The LUNA Smart Bead is just one of a slew of products designed to help strengthen the PC muscles. But, unlike products like LELO’s LUNA Beads, which are essentially just weighted balls you must use muscle power to hold in place, the Smart Bead provides more of a training system. Which, for a competitive, type-A person like me, was an irresistible draw.

On the practical side, I like the fact that the LUNA Smart Bead is super easy to insert. I’ve tried Kegel balls but I preferred this toy’s sleek shape; trying to shove a set of slippery balls up there is no peach. The Smart Bead’s retrieval string makes removal quick and easy too.

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