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LELO's HEX condom is stronger, stretchier and more flexible than typical condoms. It feels thinne...

This is an above-average condom. Despite being stronger and stretchier than any condom I’ve ever seen, this is no penis raincoat. My partner and I both agreed that HEX also feels thinner. Technically speaking, LELO says HEX is 0.045 mm thick. That’s only slightly thinner than a standard ultra-thin condom (0.048 mm), but … what I can say … it's noticeably less noticeable. My partner and I thought that also boiled down to fit. Because HEX condoms are designed to grip the penis, they stay put. They also don't roll down like some other condoms have an annoying tendency to do.

I also felt like this condom had less drag than a typical condom. I don’t know if that boils down to it having better lube than other condoms I tried or the material itself, but it definitely provided a smoother experience.

One more thing that I liked: Despite being made of latex, HEX doesn’t seem to carry any of the rubber smell that’s typical of other condoms.

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