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Mild to wild

The neon wand is interesting slightly different sensations with different attachments. What is inclosed is mild to moderate with the co from dial. If you want wild try the whip or capacitor attachments. Well made. Easy to change attachments.

Great product

The wand is a fun new addition to our playtime. We have been experimenting with it and love it. It’s easy to use. I would definitely recommend

Good for newbies

We're new to this stuff. My wife brought up estim for the bedroom, and I thought she was insane. We went to a local kink demonstration, and they had one of these, and we ordered one that nite!

I can't imagine a better intro to electrostimulation. We're not concerned about hurting one another, and it's so easy to stop the electricity if things get intense. Plus, it's really neat, and it makes her moan constantly. She especially loves how it looks in the dark - like her own personal light show (or so she says). I was worried there'd be a big learning curve or Id look stupid, but this has been great.

Quality Gear from the Kinkly Shop

Over the past few years I have upgraded my “Toys” and have found Kinkly to be a very good site for quality items. The NeonWand package has everything required to get yourself started with ElectroErotic play and the website has very good tutorials and safety information available. You may be able to piece together a similar kit for less money but Kinkly makes it easy and convenient with a well packaged system.

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